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Where to Buy Lampe Berger Oil

Where to Buy Lampe Berger Oil

Here at Consiglio’s, we’ve been open about our love for Lampe Berger and their gorgeous range of lamps and extensive selection of scented fluids. Originally designed by a French pharmacist in 1898 for use in hospitals, Lampe Berger lamps use a system of catalytic diffusion to remove odour and bacteria from the air, much in the same way that catalytic converters on vehicles remove pollutants from exhaust emissions.

If you’ve never tried Lampe Berger, it’s easy to be skeptical of these claims - I touched on them myself in our Lampe Berger Review, where I tried and tested a lamp myself for the first time. Since then, I’ve become a loyal fan of the product, not only using the lamps and oils myself, but also gifting them to family and friends. Even with the non-scented So Neutral fluid, Lampe Berger lamps can totally remove stinky odours in a matter of minutes - be it linger scents left over from cooking a fragrant meal, pet odours, or even musty odours common of older basements.

With more than 70 different fragrances to choose from, the important question then becomes - where to buy Lampe Berger oil? If you’re not sure what fragrance is best for you, I recommend checking out our online Lampe Berger guide here, where we break down the fragrances into sub-categories (ex. Floral scents, fruity scents, etc.), and provide a quick overview of each individual scent. Once you have an idea about what scents you’d like to try, you can order directly through our website (every fragrance in our oil guide is hyperlinked, so you can find the exact product on our website), where you can take advantage of our free shipping option on orders over $69.99. If you’d rather come by and sample a couple of the Lampe Berger fragrances, you can come by our showroom location at 41 Horner Avenue - we’d love to have a chat about the scents we love!

How to use Lampe Berger

If you’re new to Lampe Berger, you might have some questions about how exactly you use the lamps. If so, you can check out our handy how-to video above, or follow these simple instructions:

  • Fill your lamp approximately 2/3rds of the way full with your favourite Lampe Berger Oil - in the video, I’m using my current favourite Majestic Sequoia.

  • Insert your wick into the lamp, and let sit for at least 20 minutes - this step allows your wick to absorb the oil.

  • Carefully light the wick. Lampe Berger fluid is highly flammable, so it’s important to use caution when lighting the lamps - make sure they are out of reach of children and pets!

  • When you light the wick, there will initially be a tall flame - this is completely normal! Let the wick burn for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the flame shrinks in size, before you blow the flame out. Once the flame is out, your Lampe Berger lamp is working to clean the air around you!

  • Place the topper over the wick (the wick will still be hot), and let your Lampe Berger work. Most rooms can be de-odourized in about 20 minutes.

  • When you’re done with your lamp, simply use the snuffer cap to put it out.


Lampe Berger Unboxing: What Comes With Your New Lampe Berger Lamp

Every new Lampe Berger lamp comes with a few essential pieces - in the video above we use the Sweet Bubble Frosted lamp to show you exactly what you can expect with your new Lampe Berger lamp!

Every lamp comes with:

  • your new Lampe Berger lamp (obviously)
  • the topper for the lamp
  • the Lampe Berger snuff cap to put out the lamp once you are done diffusing
  • a Lampe Berger wick
  • a small funnel for filling the lamp
  • an instruction booklet

Pair your new lamp with your favourite Lampe Berger oil, and you're ready to go! If you're new to Lampe Berger, or would like to recieve a small sample of fluid with your lamp, we recommend checking out the Lampe Berger Starter Kits - every starter kit includes the essential pieces listed above PLUS a 180ml sample-size bottle of Lampe Berger oil!

How to Change Between Different Lampe Berger Oils

While Lampe Berger Canada recommends having a separate lamp or wick for each of your favourite fragrances, it is possible to change Lampe Berger oils without having to get a new wick (or lamp) - all you'll need is a botte of Lampe Berger's So Neutral oil!

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Hi, what do you do when the wick doesn't light up anymore?

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