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Save 10% for Father's Day with code - "SAVE10". Some exclusions apply.
Lampe Berger Fluid Guide

Lampe Berger Fluid Guide

From subtle, earthy tones to fresh and bright citrus, the fluids of Lampe Berger encompass a vast spectrum of olfactory experiences with more than fifty unique scents available - making it tricky at times to pin down what, exactly, “your scent” might be. Whether you are looking for your scent, trying to find the perfect Lampe Berger fluid to fit an aesthetic or atmosphere, or just looking to try something new, our guide to Lampe Berger will help you find the perfect match.

 In searching for Lampe Berger scent that best suits your desires or aesthetic, please do not mix or combine Lampe Berger fluids - doing so can pose serious risk and danger. If you find the scent of your choosing too strong for your liking, it can be diluted with Lampe Berger’s So Netural fluid - available in 500mL and 1L bottles. This is the only Lampe Berger fluid that can be combined or mixed.

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Bright Citrus
Sweet and Fruity
Fresh - Outdoor Adventures
Fresh - Green and Natural
Classic and Rich
Warm and Earthy



A quintessential component of perfuming, floral scents traditionally balance brightness, depth, and rich heady aromas - and Lampe Berger’s floral scents are no different. From provocative and glamourous, to subtle notes of jasmine or peony, these explore and celebrate the diverse possibilities of floral aromas.

  • Timeless Rose: A delicate classic rose scent derived from the Provence Rose - a unique hybrid specially bred for this scent, harvested only at dawn between April and June. 
  • Floral Passion: Mellow and nuanced, with notes of jasmine and peony.
  • Precious Jasmine: A modern, nuanced floral scent juxtaposing classic jasmine tones with hints of peach and apricot layered atop subtle spicy notes.
  • Sensual Bouquet: A voluptuous and provocative scent evoking the glamour and charm of early Hollywood film stars.
  • Lavender Fields: A classic, traditional Lavender scent.
  • Orange Blossoms: Airy, yet intricate this scent is an homage to the complexity and refinement of the Orange Blossom.
  • Paris Chic: Captivating and couture, Paris Chic plays with floral notes atop bergamot to bring you an experience of timeless style and elegance.

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Fresh, soothing and familiar scents.

  • Fresh Linen: Gentle and clean, evokes the comfort of freshly laundered linen.
  • Soap Memories: A pure, calming scent with light citrus, cotton and floral notes.

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Bright Citrus

Bright and sparkling, these Lampe Berger Bright Citrus scents expore the complexity of citrus profiles. 

  • Radiant Bergamot: Citrus, cardamom and light floral notes intertwine to recreate the sunny southern Italian coasts of Bergamot’s origins.
  • Citrus Leaves: An active and invigorating scent with sparkling citrus and fresh, green notes.
  • Lemon Flower: A tribute to the complexity of the lemon, Lemon Flower combines citrus notes with earthy elements of neroli and vetiver. 
  • Grapefruit Passion: Light, sparkling and extracted from the Ruby Red grapefruits of Florida.

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Sweet and Fruity:

Sunny and warm, these Sweet and Fruity Lampe Berger scents evoke summer days and fresh fruit. 

  • Orange Cinnamon: A warm and spicy pairing of sweet orange, warm spice, and candied fruit.
  • Fruit Melody: Cheerful and sunny, fruit notes are enhanced with notes of peach, sandalwood and vanilla.
  • Delicious Cherry: Lightly spiced, Delicious Cherry is a sweet and nostalgic nod to cherry picking season.
  • Sweet Pear: Warm and lightly spiced to evoke the pleasure of baked pears fresh from the oven.
  • Exotic Cocktail: The epitome of carefree sunny beaches, with coconut, rum and vanilla notes.

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Fresh - Outdoor Adventures:
Bring the freshness and complexity of the natural world into your living space with these tributes to natural environments and the unique facets of their atmosphere’s.

  • Harvest Season: Frolick through the fresh fields with this earthy and sunny homage to the harvest.
  • Fresh Mint at the Riad: The relaxation and refreshment of a tea ceremony, Fresh Mint at the Riad plays green tea and mint over a base of subtle spice and wood.
  • Gardens on the Riviera: A walk along the Mediterranean coast, complete with a fresh gentle breeze rustling through the leaves of fig trees.
  • Everlasting Flowers of Corsica: Visit the Corsican hills with this nostalgic balance of amber and floral tones.
  • Ocean Breeze: An invigorating coastside stroll, lively yet soothing with fresh marine notes and hints of citrus.
  • Summer Rain: Calming, yet powerfully inspirational, this scent quietly revels in the fresh morning dew of summer.
  • Fresh Anis of Greek Islands: Dream of the Aegean Sea with this pairing of aniseed and marine notes.

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Fresh - Green and Natural
While many of the scents in the above Fresh - Outdoor Adventures category are meant to evoke specific locals and experiences, these Green and Natural scents invite you to appreciate the subtle complexity of plant life and our natural surroundings.

  • Forest Mist: Ethereal and free, evoking large trees and running streams.
  • Tomato Leaves: Herbal, aromatic and crisp this scent invites you to take a walk through a small vegetable garden.
  • Green Apple: Bright and crisp - just like a freshly picked apple.
  • Green Chai: A harmonious blend of green tea and citrus.
  • Fresh Eucalyptus: An invigorating and energetic blend of eucalyptus and subtle woody notes.
  • Zest of Verbena: Explores the effervescence of the verbena, pairing it alongside fresh citrus notes.

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These rich scents evoke treats and freshly baked goods.

  • Creme Brulee: Sweet caramel with a hint of complexity.
  • Savory Apple Tart: A fresh apple tart straight from the oven, with subtle tones of spice and vanilla.
  • Vanilla Gourmet: A classic vanilla scent with hints of star anise, chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Provence Treats: Evoking the treats of year-end holiday seasons, this scent combines dried fruits, cloves and vanilla.

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Classic and Rich:
Deep and magnificent, these scents are alluring, rich and indulgent.

  • Amber Powder: Layers amber, patchouli, lily and rose for a rich, yet subtle, scent.
  • Amber Elegance: Spicy and luminous, this scent layers amber notes with citrus and anise to create a modern interpretation of vintage sophistication and refinement.
  • Winterwood: A warm and intimate pairing of spicy and woody notes.
  • Luxurious Venice: Evokes the swirling glamour of a Venice carnival.

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Warm and Earthy:


What's your favourite Lampe Berger fluid? Share in the comments below! 


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