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Lampe Berger Review

Lampe Berger Review


Originating in France in 1898 as a hospital air purification system,  and soon catching the eyes and attention of contemporary French designers  - namely Lalique, Galle, the Daum Crystal Glassworks and Baccarat - Lampe Berger, their lamps and their array of scented fluids, perfectly balances functionality with aesthetic and decor. Through a process of catalytic diffusion,  Lampe Berger actively removes odours and air-borne bacteria from an environment - much like how the catalytic converter now required on vehicles reduces exhaust emissions.  


Do they work? 

Loyal fans of Lampe Berger proclaim that the process of catalytic diffusion completely removes pervasive odours from cat litter and wet dogs, to cigar, cigarette and pipe smoke - but, does it really work? Having never used one myself, I was admittedly skeptical - so, I brought home a lampe (graciously lent by a colleague), some Ocean Breeze fluid and set out it give it a try for myself.



While the odours mentioned above aren’t an issue in my home, I readily admit to having a deep, deep love of pungent (some would say “stinky”) foods - garlic, onions, ginger, curry, smoked fish and the like are a regular staple in my kitchen, however become much less desirable when their smell still lingers hours later.


After (thoroughly) enjoying dinner earlier this week, I set up the borrowed lampe and within both my girlfriend and I noticed a significant reduction in the food odours permeating our tiny apartment.


The Process



Place the lamp on a stable surface, out of reach of children and pets.

Fill the lamp ½ to ⅔ with Lampe Berger scented fluid, reinsert the wick and let soak.

Light the lamp - the flame will initially be 4 to 5 inches in height, but will soon reduce in size.

After two minutes, blow the flame out, and return the vented cover and let rest for the desired amount of time - 10 to 20 minutes is the normal amount of time to deodorize a room (or, in my case, my small apartment).

The Lamps  

From simple beginner box sets with clear, unadorned, glass to high-end couture pieces that double as of art, Lampe Berger offers a wide range of lamps. Coming in glass, porcelain, and metal, and decorated with leather, wood, vibrant colours, illustrations, and textures, there are lamps to suit just about any decor or aesthetic preference. My personal favourite - the industrial-inspired Techno Orange lamp designed by French artist Jean-Baptiste Sibertin Blanc.


The Fluids  

From fruity, floral, musky, fresh and clean Lampe Berger fluids range from “standard” classic scents such as Vanilla, Lavender and Eucalyptus to intriguing aromatic creations like “Fresh Anise of the Greek Islands” and “Gardens of the Riviera” - meant to evoke a complete, immersive olfactory experience. The So Neutral fluid can be used to dilute these fragrances, cleaning a wick when switching between scents, or when scent-free air purification is preferred. My personal favorite at the moment - the new Heavenly Spruce.


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Mary - September 17, 2018

I have been searching for an answer: are the scents used in the oils synthetic (eg the same as the air freshner industry uses) or are they "natural"?
I ask because synthetic fragrances are known phyto estrogens.
I am enthralled with the lamp and will purchase one one day as I have found recipes for making one's own oil, but would like to
know an answer to this question.

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