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Imperia pasta makers are one of the original pasta making companies located in Italy. Imperia pasta makers offer home use models and commercial pasta makers for larger operations like the Imperia R220 and Imperia Rm220. Imperia Pasta Makers offer manual crank operation and table clamps or the option for electric Imperia motors to automate the process. The Imperia Brand represents quality in the world of home and commercial pasta making and the Imperia Sp150 is the most widely sold pasta maker in the world. Every Imperia Pasta Maker excluding the commercial units offer standard spaghetti and fettuccine cutters. Imperia Commercial Pasta Makers offer cutting attachments as additional attachments and dough mixing  options. 
  • Imperia Pasta Maker SP150-Consiglio's Kitchenware
    Imperia Pasta Maker SP150 Canada
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    Imperia Pasta Maker SP150

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    This is the latest release Imperia SP 150 mm pasta maker with flat lasagna rollers, also comes with 6.5 mm fettuccine and 2mm Square-Cut Spaghetti-...

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