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Italian Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas-Consiglio's Kitchenware

Italian Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Pairing a rich history of culinary tradition and design excellence, Italian-made kitchenware and espresso products are the golden standard of excellence and functionality. This holiday season, to help you check off the last of your holiday gift list for family and friends, we’ve compiled a list of amazing Italian-made stocking stuffer ideas that any home cook or espresso lover would be thrilled to recieve - and, if you’re anything like us, a couple that you’ll want to keep all for yourself!

Having added to our repetoir of Italian-made products, this year our stocking stuffer suggestion list focuses on products from Ilsa, Eppicotispai, Giannini, Imperia and Marcato - for more information about the brands and their history, we’ve included a summary of each at the bottom of this article!



Italian Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas


Italian Pasta Making Gift Ideas:

Equal parts delicious and hearty, pasta is an integral part of Italian culinary history. From pasta making accessories to ravioli trays, to creative pasta maker attachments, here are our top picks for Italian-made pasta making stocking stuffer ideas!
Italian Pasta Gift Ideas


Pasta Making Accessories from Eppicotispai:


Give the gift of variety with a new cutting attachment for a loved one’s Imperia or Marcato Pasta Maker (Marcato attachments compatible only with Marcato Atlas 150 manual or electric pasta makers, Imperia attachments compatible only with Imperia SP150 manual or electric pasta makers or Imperia Pasta Presto machines). 

Imperia Pasta Maker Attachments include:

Marcato Pasta Maker Attachments include:


Italian Espresso Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas:

Italian Espresso Gift Ideas
Many of the Italian brands we carry and celebrate today got their beginnings in founding and innovating the art of Italian espresso making. Give the gift of amazing espresso with these stocking stuffer gifts that range from Italian made espresso makers and accessories!  

Espresso makers:


Espresso Accessories:

Okay, you got us - our house brand espresso isn’t actually Italian made - only because locally roasting our blends gives us the chance to offer truly fresh roasted espresso crafted in the traditional Italian style, giving you the best of both worlds!
Consiglio's Fresh Roast Espresso

Italian Kitchen Tools and Gadgets:

From the tools you turn to daily in the kitchen, to stylish accent pieces and handy kitchen gadgets, these accessories make cooking at true joy. Here’s our list of Italian made tools and gadgets for the food lover on your gift list!
Italian Kitchen Gadgets


The Brands:

Imperia: Established in Italy in 1932, Imperia has a rich history of designing and manufacturing the highest-quality pasta makers in the world. Featuring a food-grade stainless steel construction, Imperia’s SP150 pasta maker stands as one of the most prolific and popular pasta makers on the market. Still using a traditional roller design, Imperia’s SP150, Pasta Facile Motor and all compatible pasta cutting attachments are still 100% Italian-made.

Marcato: With roots dating back to the 1930’s foundation of their manufacturing facility in Campordarsego, Marcato, much like Imperia, is still held as the ultimate-standard for pasta makers. While Imperia prefers a traditional roller system, Marcato has upgraded their rolling system alongside contemporary technological advancements, now preferring a food-grade light aluminum alloy Wellness roller system.

Giannini: Beggining in 1968, the Giannina stainless steel stovetop espresso maker has become the product most widely circulated and known product of the Giannini company, and for good reason - winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the Giannina uses an innovative new design to lock the bottom and top pieces of the espresso maker together together. Unlike the traditional stove top espresso maker design which has the two pieces screw together, the Giannina uses a sturdy handle-locking system to hold the two pieces firmly (and safely) together when in use.

Ilsa: An acronym for Industria Laminazione Stampaggio Allumino (factory for rolling and pressing aluminum), Ilsa’s history dates back to 1946, with the creation of their Napoletana Italian espresso maker. By 1956, Ilsa had expanded it’s manufacturing line to include stainless steel production, allowing them to expand to offer the Napoletana and moka-style espresso makers in stainless steel as well.

Eppicotispai: A great source of pride for the Eppicotispai brand is that all of their products are 100% made in Italy, with all manufacturing components produced in Italy by Italian-owned companies. 


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