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Is My Le Creuset Defective?

Is My Le Creuset Defective?

“The small imperfections are not harmful and your Le Creuset can be used with no problems. These markings are considered a reflection of Le Creuset’s unique crafted nature. It is not uncommon for Le Creuset pieces to have tiny cosmetic flaws since no two pieces are identical”. -Le Creuset

The traditional manufacturing process of sand casting and enamel coating includes variation in colour and surface. This makes each product a unique one, and does not have any impact on performance, durability, and use.

If you believe your Le Creuset is defective contact to fill out a warranty inquiry. Consiglio's Kitchenware cannot take back or exchange any cookware that has been used. Consiglio's Kitchenware cannot act on or provide warranty from Le Creuset. Le Creuset handles their warranty directly.

For more information you can see our detailed page on Le Creuset Manufacturing. 


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