Le Creuset 13.9L Flame Orange Goose Pot

Le Creuset's Goose pot is the perfect cookware pot for holiday turkey's, goose or other large meals. You can cook a multitude of foods in this over sized oval cast iron cookware pot ideal for Chili, Stew and any foods for larger quantity preparation. 

Made in France you can expect every bit of premium quality cookware Le Creuset has become so well known for. Heavy cast iron lids keep in moisture and create an oven like environment. Now offered in Le Creuset's Signature series with larger lid knob and handles. What a great addition to any home or chef's kitchen and a must for holiday meals! 
  • Le Creuset Goose Pot 
  • 13.9 L / 15.5 Qt 
  • Made in France
  • Lifetime Warranty 

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