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What to Check if my Fabio Leonardi Tomato Machine is Leaking

For over a hundred years, Fabio Leonardi has manufactured the world’s best tomato milling and meat grinding machines. Fabio Leonardi is an industry leader for tomato milling and meat grinding. 

It is important to ensure the unit is assembled accordingly. Below is a demo video. 

Locking Ring Area: 
Fabio Leonardi intentionally does not include plastic gaskets or washers for sanitary reasons within the locking ring area to mitigate bacteria building up. 

The locking ring area on the Fabio Leonardi machine does not have a gasket intentionally. This is done with intention by Fabio Leonardi. 

The placement of the sauce tray is essential, allowing the sauce tray wire to sit beyond the threads. This will allow excess sauce from the locking ring area to be collected by the sauce tray. 

This is not a defect and the placement of the sauce tray will collect the excess sauce from the locking ring area. 

Correct Sauce Tray Placement- catches any sauce that comes through the locking ring area.

Incorrect Sauce Tray Placement- when the sauce tray wires sit within the locking ring threads, this allows for the sauce to escape and drip onto the countertop. 

Hopper Area: 
There is a black washer that comes with the Fabio Leonardi milling machines. This washer goes beneath the hopper and aids in preventing excess leaking from the hopper/neck area of the mill. 

It is important to strain a good portion of water out of the boiled tomatoes prior to passing through the unit. The process of boiling the tomatoes to soften is recommended with the 1/3 HP or the 1/2 HP units. The 1 HP and 1.5 HP machines can accommodate boiled or raw tomatoes. 

This will aid in minimizing leaks from the hopper area.

Verify the Condition of the Bushing: 
Remove the locking ring, screen, auger, and pivot from the tomato mill. Standing in front of the unit, check the condition of the white bushing. If there are any cracks or breaks, this part will need to be replaced. 

To conclude some leaks are considered normal during the tomato milling process due to the overall nature of the high liquid volume involved.

If you have any questions, please reach out to a team member via email (, include your order number and photos so our product specialists can assess and best assist you.