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What Does the 'Wellness' Refer to on Marcato Pasta Makers?


What does the 'Wellness' refer to on Marcato pasta makers? The philosophy of well-made things has distinguished Marcato since 1930, when the work, passion and ingeniousness of founder Otello Marcato gave rise to products appreciated all over the world today. The culture of healthy eating is the first step toward wellness: starting with pasta made with simple and genuine ingredients. All Marcato products are designed for those who love things done perfectly and for those who have rediscovered the pleasure of eating well and safely.

About 10 years ago Marcato updated the material of the cutters and rollers from zinc, which would chip and peel over time to Aluminum Alloy which is overall a premium and robust material that yields a smoother and safer operation. This is when Marcato introduced the 'Wellness' term with the brand. 

As of 2020 Marcato products no longer use the term 'Wellness' on the pasta makers or packaging, nonetheless, the same materials and high  manufacturing standards are used. As of 2020 Marcato has redesigned the style/look of the makers by removing 'Wellness' and replacing it with the respected 'Atlas 150', 'Atlas 180', or 'Atlas Motor' in a simple font style.  

The Marcato makers that stated 'Wellness' prior to 2020 are identical to the new restyled version of 2021 and moving forward. The high quality Aluminum Alloy rollers and cutters are used today offering the superior quality and safety for food production. Although the new version does not state 'Wellness' on the makers all Marcato products in production today are indeed the 'Wellness' version as they are made with the Aluminum Alloy rollers and cutters. 



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