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Enter our DeLonghi $600 Spring Giveaway! Click here.

Tomato Machine Buying Guide

Consiglio's Family Recommendations

Tomato milling machines, or tomato squeezers, are designed to separate skins and seeds from tomatoes leaving only the fine sauce puree. With over 40 years of canning experience, at Consiglio’s we don’t just sell the brands we carry – we use them ourselves to make our own homemade sauces, purees and jams.

Our extensive tomato milling knowledge and experience has given us the ability to recommend the good, the better and the best of the tomato machines we carry.                     

Best Quality & Value - Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling Machines


Quite simply, for the best quality and value, we recommend 100% Italian made Fabio Leonardi machines! With superior design, construction, and materials, Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling Machines are built better and last longer than competing brands. Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling Machine Features:

  • Heavier gauge construction – Fabio Leonardi uses an all-metal direct drive shaft, where as Omra uses a plastic drive shaft and Reber uses plastic gears. 
  • No oil needed – Fabio Leonardi machines are self lubricated, where as the Reber plastic gears require oiling. 
  • Metal nipoloy coated auger and milling attachment – Fabio Leonardi uses a heavy duty, food grade, corrosion resistant milling attachment and auger. Both Reber and Omra use a plastic auger. 
  • Stronger motors – with better built and more powerful motors, Fabio Leonardi tomato milling machines operate faster, have a higher production capability, and are able to mill raw tomatoes. 
  • Versatility – with more powerful motors and heavy duty construction, Fabio Leonardi tomato machines are able to produce a variety of purees, such as tomato, apple sauce, pepper sauces, hot sauces, and berries. 
  • Experience – Established in 1917 as one of the world’s first tomato milling innovators, Fabio Leonardi design and construction is backed by almost 100 years of experience and expertise. 
  • Compatibility – Fabio Leonardi offers a variety of meat grinding attachments specifically designed to work with their models of tomato milling machines; Fabio Leonardi meat grinders are designed with the same compatibility in mind, offering a variety of compatible tomato milling attachments. 
  • Made in Italy – Fabio Leonardi machines are 100% made and assembled in Italy. 

With Fabio Leonardi tomato milling machines, what you get is the strongest, highest-quality machines on the market at our real guaranteed lowest pricing. As Canadaand U.S.A’s premium Fabio Leonardi authorized distributor we guarantee you warranty, we stock parts and we’ll ship free!   


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