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Fast Free Canadian shipping over $69.99!
Fast Free Canadian shipping over $69.99!

Staub Manufacturing


 Dear Customer,

Staub products are checked multiple times along the manufacturing process.

Their products' functional use are guaranteed by tests performed on laboratories, metallurgical analysis, dimensional controls, and visual controls done by certified controllers.

The traditional manufacturing process of sand casting and enamel coating includes variation in color and surface. This makes each product a unique one, and do not have any impact on performance, durability, and real world use.

If you believe your Staub product to be defective, we will need visual confirmation to determine the issue. We will accept items back if they are found to be scratched, dented, or chipped. Please send as an emailed image of any damage in question to so we can assess the product. 

Consiglio’s Kitchenware cannot accept returns or exchanges on cookware that has been used. If you believe there is a warranty issue with your product, please address the below contacts.

Care and use guidelines:
Staub Warranty:

Examples of warranty applicable issues:

  • Scratches on Enamel - Single Hairline scratches are not applicable unless otherwise stated by us after inspection.
  • Holes inside the cooking surface - Holes and pitting must be inside and larger than 1mm.
  • Chipping of Enamel - Any chipping of Enamel is applicable.
  • Broken Handles - Broken or detached side or lid handles are applicable.
  • Cracks and Leaks - Any cracks or leaks are applicable.

However, if the damage in question is related to the lip of the pot and the lid, then please be aware that these are normal qualities of Staub cast iron cookware. This does not affect functionality, and we are not able to accept the item back under warranty or exchange as these are completely normal aspects associated with all Staub cookware pieces. 

Examples of normal "spots" seen on Enameled Cast Iron Pots:

  • Dark or Light discolored patches on lid bottom, side, and pot edge - These are normal because the edges are not coated in Enamel.
  • Holes or Pitting Outside - Pitting on the outside does not affect the function of the product and can be seen occasionally on almost all sand-casting iron pots.
  • Uneven color on Enamel - Enamel is spray-painted to each cast iron product, so each one is unique.
  • Minor Bumps - .Each product is sand-casted, therefore some surface bumps can be felt. They do not affect the function of the product.
  • Uneven lid - .Lids do not completely or perfectly fit in an air-tight way on cast iron pots. They are meant to just sit on top and cover the po 
Staub - Manufacturing

We reserve the right to request pictures as proof of any warranty claims.
Any information provided to us can be shared with the shipping company that delivered the item.
Staub may be consulted regarding warranty issues as well.
We reserve the right to refuse a claim if there is not enough evidence, or if the item is deemed to be "normal" for a cast iron piece.

Items that are returned, but found to be in good condition may have shipping costs deducted from the refund as per our normal Returns & Exchanges policy.

Please read the product manual of the item for proper care and maintenance, and years of enjoyment.

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