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Enter our DeLonghi $600 Spring Giveaway! Click here.

Rancilio Espresso Machines

Rancilio Espresso Machines - Shop Now 

Rancilio is a symbol of Italian Craftsmanship dating back to1927 and designing the best manual espresso machine's the world has ever seen. Consiglio's Kitchenware & Gift is proud to represent Rancilio Espresso Machines in Canada  providing the discerning Canadian consumer with the best espresso coffee machines available. 

Rancilio espresso machines complete with their counterpart grinders such as the Rocky Doser or Rocky Doserless are most recommended in regards to best compatibility and results. Both Rancilio Espresso Machines and Grinders are made in Italy, using traditional technology, brass boilers and 15 bar pumps. 

Crowned as the king of home espresso Rancilio Espresso Machines offer rich, golden crema and extract full flavor from each shot. Although some tweaking is necessary for the ideal results Rancilio will impress even the most skilled baristas! 

Setting up your Rancilio Espresso Machine is easy but does require some basic understanding. It is important to follow your instructions and properly prime the machine to avoid any trapped air bubbles with the machines water lines. Once your machine is primed and heated your next most important task is to set the grinder. Again we highly recommend the Rancilio Brand of grinder for best results. This process can require some trial and error. When pulling your shot if the espresso is splashing out quickly your grind is likely too coarse where very slow pours resulting in black tar like espresso is too fine. 

Being great ambassadors of Rancilio Espresso Machines we have formulated our own roast of Espresso, Consiglio's Aroma Eccellente! Through many taste tests this premium fresh roast comprises of 90% high grown Arabica and 10% Robusta to add to the crema. Using our espresso we find setting #6 works best. You can expect an incredible espresso beverage and note that our espresso is roasted fresh in small batches every week. 

What types of environments support the use of Rancilio V3 Espresso Machines? Considering the robust stainless steel and brass internal and external construction these machines are ideal for home, office or light commercial use. Visiting our store location in Toronto you will find our demo model proudly on display! 

Where can you purchase your Rancilio? You can order your Rancilio Espresso Machine directly from us, we are an authorized Canadian distributor. Ordering from Consiglio's means you are purchasing from a Family Run Company established in 1975 with a commitment to our customers and quality products. We extend your warranty from 1 to 2 years, ship free and provide premium starter kits. We love espresso as much as you do and want your experience to be incredible! 

Rancilio Rocky V3 is the newest version and the only model we carry at Consiglio's! Shop online at or contact us at for any questions regarding the Rancilio line of products!