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Pasta Maker Buying Guide


Consiglio's Pasta Maker Buying Guide 

Many of our valued customers contact us inquiring about which model would best suite their needs. We have created this page to assist you in making your purchase. Feel free to Contact Us or call (1800 758 7283 ext110) at any time for further assistance. 

MARCATO 150mm Electric Pasta Maker

Lets start off by explaining the main functions of  pasta makers. 

Pasta Makers are designed to roll and cut dough to your desired thickness and cut. Every pasta maker comes with rollers, rollers are the two wheels where your pasta goes into to for flattening, then to be passed through cutters or used for lasagna or pasta sheets. Once you have flattened your dough out you can pass through the cutters, all pasta makers come standard with spaghetti & fettuccine cutters. If you have a 6" or 150mm model you can add aditional cutters such as, Pappardelle, angel hair, Reginette, Malfaldine, Trenette, Linguini, Capellini & Ravioli attachments. Larger 7" 180 mm pasta makers do not offer additional attachments and only have the standard spaghetti & fettuccine. The benefit of larger pasta makers is the width of the rollers and cutters is larger so you can make more pasta in less time. 

Which brand do I choose? 

Imperia is the Original Italian manufacturer of the pasta makers such as the 6" 150mm model Sp150 and offers a wide array of pasta makers from home to commercial use. Overall Imperia pasta makers are built very well, constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel components and nickel rollers and cutters. Pasta makers traditionally have nickel rollers and cutters which is a long lasting corrosion free material. Imperia standard pasta makers have steel clamps and wooden crank handles. All Imperia pasta makers excluding the R220 can be affixed with the Imperia Pasta Facile Electric Motor


Imperia Pros:
Heavy Guage Stainless Steel 
Premium Quality Italian Construction 
Imperia offers a Cavatelli/Gnocchi attachment other brands do not 
Clamp is made of steel 
Product Warranty 
Used by chef's around the world 

Imperia Cons:
Nickel rollers work well but tend to wear down faster than Marcato's alloy rollers  
More costly than Gourmet brand pasta makers 

Marcato is a long time Italian manufacturer of pasta making equipment and a direct competitor to Imperia. These are also high quality Italian pasta makers made from stainless steel construction and components. Within the last 5 years Marcato has moved to using metal alloy rollers (Wellness Rollers) which are harder than nickel and tend to last longer. One advantage of alloy is that over long periods of use you can be sure the rollers will not corrode leaving anything behind in your pasta. Electric Marcato Pasta Drive Motor is also available to quickly turn your pasta maker into an electric maker. Marcato pasta makers offer chromed steel clamps and  plastic handles. Marcato offers a larger 7" 180mm model which can be used for faster pasta making output. 


Marcato Pros:
Premium alloy rollers & cutters 
More ravioli attachment options than Imperia 
Heavy gauge stainless steel 
Premium quality Italian construction 
Product Warranty 

Marcato Cons: 
Clamp & Handle are made from chromed steel with plastic handle and knob (work well but Imperia clamp and handle are more solid)
More costly than most other brands 

Gourmet pasta makers by Consiglio's are similar to their Italian counterparts but of lighter weight. Offering stainless steel construction and nickel rollers these pasta makers will function similarly to Marcato or Imperia pasta makers. Gourmet pasta makers were designed to offer a cost effective functional alternative. Made in Asia these pasta makers include the same spaghetti and fettuccine standard cutters and also offer additional cutting and ravioli attachments.  With 6" 150mm & 7" 180 mm sizes you can expect to be able to make the full array of pasta specialties with Gourmet. Available is a powerful Gourmet Electric Pasta Motor which makes these manual pasta makers electric in seconds. 

Gourmet Pros:
Reliable and easy to use pasta makers 
Great price points 
Stainless steel construction 
Product Warranty 

Gourmet Cons:
Lighter weight 
Not European made 
Handle & Clamp similar to Marcato 

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