Philips Saeco SM7684/04 Xelsis Titanium Automatic Coffee Machine

The Philips Saeco SM7684/04 Xelsis Titanium with its resigned auto frothing carafe and very subtle aesthetic improvements is capable of making rich creamy cappuccinos or lattes with a single touch operation. The machine produces a strong ristretto to a perfect cappuccino, and creates a coffee experience that satisfies your demands. Philips Saeco’s Coffee Equalizer and their most advanced touch screen display allow users to enjoy 15 different drinks at the touch of a button, and also allows 6 different user profile to store everyone’s favorite recipe. The Philips Saeco SM7684/04 Xelsis Titanium is capable of adjusting the strength, volume, and temperature of the coffee. Not to mention having the control to adjust milk foam amount and volume, this machine will allow for the perfect taste each brew. The patented Latte Perfetto technology gives barista milk that suits your personal taste and recipes.

At your command, the function of the HygieSteam will clean the entire milk circuit with steam from the milk tubes to the spout. Also, after each milk beverage creation the Xelsis will send a jet of steam through the system for cleaning in preparation for your next drink. Cleaning of the brewing unit is quick as it can be removed easily and rinses clean in seconds. Stamped approval by Italy’s Centro Studi Assaggiatori, certified Italian tasters, confirm the machine extracts the most desirable qualities from each type of bean.

With its high performance Thermoblock, encased in a stainless steel body, powerful bur grinders with 12 settings, and its Coffee Equalizer, the Philips Saeco SM7684/04 Xelsis makes for the perfect addition in any home for all coffee drinks.


  • 6 user profiles to store recipes
  • Brews two cups of coffee simultaneously
  • 15 drink capability
  • Latte Perfetto technology for excellent milk foam
  • High performance water boiler


  • Measuring scoop
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Cleaning brush
  • Brew group grease
  • Milk Container
  • AquaClean filter


  • Dimensions: 28.3cm W x 48.9cm D x 39.3cm H
  • User Interface: Touch screen display
  • Water tank: 1.7L
  • Milk carafe: 0.6L
  • Bean capacity: 450g
  • Made in Italy
  • 2 Year warranty

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