Lampe Berger - So Neutral (1L) 

Part of the Functionals series, So Neutral is the essential Lampe Berger - deodorizing and purifying homes, living spaces and work spaces without releasing fragrance, for cleaner and healthier surroundings. Functional as well as essential, Lampe Berger's So Neutral also servers to optimize burners, increasing lifespan while cleaning burners between two fragrances. When used alongside a Lampe Berger fragranced fluid, So Neutral can be used to dilute and control fragrance intensity, providing the utmost control over your Lampe Berger ritual. 

  • 1L
  • Approximately 40 Hours of Use and 160 Hours of Lingering Fragrance

Scent Profile: 

  • Does not release any scent 

Caution: Flammable Fluids! Keep Away From Heat Sources. Do Not Mix With Other Chemicals. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

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