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Product Review of Saeco Royal Professional B2C Professional Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Product Review of Saeco Royal Professional B2C Professional Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

In the morning time before work, millions of Canadians begin their day with a warm beverage to get them ready for day ahead. To ensure the optimal taste for their beverages, they utilize espresso machines and cappuccino maker systems from brands such as Saeco. Now, the company has expanded their product line to add a new product that brings that same signature Saeco great taste with the flexibility of multiple beverage options. In this post, our team here at Consiglio’s Kitchenware & Gift will review the Saeco Royal Professional B2C espresso and cappuccino machine.

The latest Saeco Royal Professional B2C machine is engineered to create that perfect cup of espresso and cappuccino. It’s a newly designed version of the classic Saeco Royal product, and features cutting-edge elements such as a double boiler. The double boiler gives users the ideal conditions for both brewing and frothing. The product features two independent circuits for completing brewing and frothing processes to reduce the amount of time it takes to create a great-tasting cup of espresso. The frothing begins immediately after brewing has completed, saving users time and ensuring the optimal blend for the cup. Further advantages of the Saeco Royal Professional B2C include:

Custom Strength Option
A leading advantage of the Saeco Royal Professional B2C is that it allows users to set the strength of their beverage with precision. While other products allow only an approximate strength level setting, the Saeco Royal Professional B2C features a custom strength option, which allows users to set the amount of coffee within their beverage between 6 grams and 9 grams per cup. For those with varying tastes, it’s the requisite function for reliable beverage quality with each sip.

Complete Temperature Control
Even the best cup of espresso can be ruined by cool temperature. The Saeco Royal Professional B2C has been uniquely designed to help overcome this common beverage-making problem. The product features a cup warmer, which allows users to store and heat their cups on the top of the machine while they wait for other drinks to be made. This is ideal for social occasions during which multiple people will require warm beverages. In addition, the Saeco Royal Professional B2C features an insulated milk container, which prevents the milk from being warmed before being frothed within the drink. This helps users maintain their ideal taste while making multiple beverages.

User-Friendly Digital Display
One of the leading improvements made with the Saeco Royal Professional B2C is the user-friendly digital display, which has been engineered to help users easily and quickly select their ideal beverage. It’s a component that enables users to pre-select their favourite beverages and then simply make their drink with just one click of the button.

The Saeco Royal Professional B2C is the system of choice for regular espresso and cappuccino drinkers. To learn more about the product, its benefits and its cutting-edge features, speak to the team here at Consigslio’s Kitchenware & Gift directly via 1-800-758-7283.

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