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Nonna's Way Polenta With Meat Sauce-Consiglio's Kitchenware

Nonna's Way Polenta With Meat Sauce

When I think of comfort food Italian style, I think of polenta – and this time of year is the perfect time for polenta! Not only because of the cold temperatures but because many of us have likely just finished making our homemade sausage. The two go hand-in-hand in this recipe from my parents’ hometown back in Italy.

I recall growing up, that making polenta was really an occasion to gather with family and friends. Most of us had these large wooden boards that our moms and nonnas would use to serve up the vast quantity of polenta they would make! It was a sight to behold. Dad tells us stories growing up with six siblings. Dinner would be placed down the center of the table served in these wooden boards. Everyone would jostle for their place around the table to make sure they got their portion of nourishment after long days of working in the fields. Oh how times have changed. Such a flood of emotions overtake me to hear of the struggles of our parents and grandparents in their early years.

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