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Fast free shipping over $69.99!
Marcato - the World's Best Pasta Maker now Back in Stock at Consiglio's

Marcato - the World's Best Pasta Maker now Back in Stock at Consiglio's

Strong, durable, and offering the utmost in functionality, Marcato has long since established itself as the golden-standard in pasta making. Established in the 1930’s, Marcato is still Italian made to this day.


To celebrate the arrival of our new stock from Italy, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the Marcato line!


The Pasta Makers

Featuring sturdy stainless steel bodies and innovative food-grade light aluminum alloy roller systems, all Marcato pasta makers are designed and built for longevity and ease of use. All base models (the Ampia, Atlas 150 and Atlas 180) come standard with the flat roller system, and spaghetti and fettucine cutting attachments - so what, then, is the difference between them?


Marcato Atlas 150mm:


Boasting the most widely popular pasta maker design, the Atlas 150mm features a removable spaghetti/fettuccine cutting head - making it the perfect choice for those interested in adding different cutting heads (listed below).

Marcato Atlas 180mm:


One of the few 180mm (7”) pasta makers available, the Marcato Atlas 180mm is perfect for those seeking wider sheets of flat pasta, or greater production rates (wider sheets = bigger batches when cutting). The greater efficiency of the 180mm however comes at a cost - it is sadly not compatible with additional cutting attachments.  


Marcato Ampia:

A 150mm (6”) pasta maker, the Marcato Ampia is unique in that it’s spaghetti and fettucine heads are incorporated into the body of the pasta maker. Unlike other contemporarily available makers on the market (such as the Imperia line, or our own Gourmet) which have a detachable cutting head, the Marcato Ampia’s cutters are built in to its solid-state body - meaning that it is not compatible with additional cutting attachments.


Marcato Pasta Motor:

Featuring both a forward and a pulse setting, the Marcato Pasta Motor fits in place of the manual handle on all Marcato pasta makers (even the Ampia!) for both the rollers and the cutters - bringing you your favourite homemade pastas in a fraction of the time.


Marcato Multipasta:

The perfect package for those seeking diversity and variety in their pasta making, Marcato’s Multipasta kit bundles an Atlas 150mm pasta maker with either a Ravioli or Raviolini attachment, as well as an additional straight-edge and additional ruffled-edge cutting attachment. The additional attachments offered by Marcato in the kit can occasionally vary, so be sure to check our item description for current availability.


 The Cutting Attachments

Offering increased pasta-making variety, Marcato offers a line of alternate cutting attachements, compatible only with it's Atlas 150mm pasta maker.   







1mm, straight cut. 

A small, thin noodle similar in size to those common in South and East Asia, Vermicelli’s fine texture gives it a delicate feeling in the mouth, and generally pairs well with fine, light sauces. It’s small size gives it a very fast cooking time.

 Spaghetti Chitarra






2mm, straight cut. 

Spaghetti cut in the classic, square Chitarra style







3mm, straight cut. 

Literally translated from “little tongues”, Linguine is typically paired with seafood or tomato based sauces.







4 mm, straight cut. 

Common in the Genoa region, and with a larger surface area than the smaller Spaghetti and Linguine, Trenette coats beautifully in rich sauces and retains a firm texture when cooked.






8mm, ruffled cut. 

Translating to “the Mafaldas” mafaldine hails from Southern Italy as a celebration of Princess Mafalda (born in 1902).







12mm, straight cut. 

The diminutive form of the lasagna noodle, Lasagnette’s wide ribbon shape lends itself well to either baked and layered pasta dishes, or tossed with a rich sauce.







12mm, ruffled cut. 

Translating to “little queen”, Reginette (like Mafaldine above) is a nod to Princess Mafalda.







43mm, ruffled cut. 

With Tuscan origins, Pappardelle’s wide, luscious shape makes it the perfect pairing for rich, oily and chunky sauces.


Quite simply, Ravioli and Raviolini are both small squares of pasta pressed around a stuffing - traditionally ricotta or root vegetables. So delicious and popular, their origin and heritage is widely contested, with many regions claiming influence.

An alternative to traditional ravioli trays or stamps, Marcato's Raviolini and Ravioli attachments provide an easier, faster method of preparation.








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