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Enter our DeLonghi $600 Spring Giveaway! Click here.
Made in Italy - Holiday Gifts from Consiglio's

Made in Italy - Holiday Gifts from Consiglio's

Rooted in rich culinary and artisanal tradition, and often held as the golden standard in both functionality and quality, Italian-made kitchenware and espresso products pair decades of design and knowledge with stunning, cutting-edge design and durability - so, what brands in the contemporary market are STILL made and manufactured in Italy?


Established in Italy in 1932, Imperia has a rich history of designing and manufacturing the highest-quality pasta makers in the world. Featuring a food-grade stainless steel construction, Imperia’s SP150 pasta maker stands as one of the most prolific and popular pasta makers on the market. Still using a traditional roller design, Imperia’s SP150, Pasta Facile Motor and all compatible pasta cutting attachments are still 100% Italian-made.

Looking to take the quality of Imperia pasta making to the next level? Their RM220 manual and electric pasta makers can be found in commercial and restaurant kitchens world-wide - and for good reason. They too, along with all cutting attachments are also 100% Italian Made!


With roots also dating back to the 1930’s foundation of their manufacturing facility in Campordarsego (in the province of Padua) Marcato, much like Imperia, is still held as the ultimate-standard for pasta makers. While Imperia prefers a traditional roller system, Marcato has upgraded their rolling system alongside contemporary technological advancements, now preferring a food-grade light aluminum alloy Wellness roller system. 

Marcato’s Atlas 150mm and 180mm pasta makers, the Marcato Pasta Driver motor, and all compatible attachments are all still 100% Italian-made.


Launching the first domestic super-automatic espresso machine in 1985 from their manufacturing headquarters near Bologna, Italy, Saeco’s innovations have revolutionized the world of espresso - and convenience. With many models still made in Italy, Saeco espresso machines bring fully customizable espresso into the realm of utmost ease, providing brewing and beverage options that require no more than the touch of a button. With many units offering OTC (One Touch Cappuccino) capabilities, this convenience is extended to milk based beverages, such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Saeco’s history of excellence can be found in their Intelia OTC unit - with fully customizable beverage strength, temperature and volume, milk beverages at the touch of a button, and high-quality ceramic conical burr grinders, the Intelia OTC embodies the perfect balance of Italian espresso tradition with the utmost convenience that Saeco is renowned for.

Prefer the more traditional manual espresso machines? Gaggia (acquired by Saeco in the late 90’s) are still Italian-made, as are the Rancilio Silvia V5 machines.


Predominantly designed for hard cheeses and bread crumbs, these deli-style cheese graters feature cast-iron grating drums and stainless steel basins and hoppers for the highest degree of strength and durability available on the market. With an average production capability of 66 lbs (30 kg) per hour, these Italian-made Fama graters will make short work of any grating needs at home, and can easily tackle commercial or restaurant work loads.


Established in 1917, and constructed from heavy-duty machined steel, Fabio Leonardi meat grinding and tomato milling machines are held as the strongest, most durable, and most efficient machines on the market.

Using all-metal gears and components (where others are now using cheaper, out-sourced plastic parts), and with motors ranging from 0.3 to 1.5 HP, and milling and grinding attachments covered in a scratch and corrosion-resistant food-safe coating designed at their Bologna, Italy manufacturing facility, Fabio Leonardi machines are designed to last a lifetime. Every element of the Fabio design, manufacturing and assembly process is still 100% Italian-made.

Already have a Fabio Leonardi Tomato Milling machine? Find the compatible Meat Grinding Attachments here.

Already have a Fabio Meat Grinder? Get the Tomato Milling Attachments here.

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