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Le Creuset - What Makes it the Best Cookware?

Le Creuset - What Makes it the Best Cookware?

With a rich history and almost 90 years of experience, Le Creuset has become a golden-standard in kitchenware excellence - so where do they come from, and what exactly makes them the best?


Le Creuset, which translates to “the cauldron” was founded in 1925 by casting specialist Armand Desaegher and enamel expert Octave Aubec, with the aspiration to build on the durability and rich culinary history of cast iron cookware through coating it with a protective enamel glaze. Later that year, the first Le Creuset dutch oven (also known as a french oven or “coccotte”) was produced at their newly established foundry in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France - a location strategically selected at the crossroads of trade routes for raw materials.

Ease of Use:

By enameling cast iron cookware, Le Creuset revolutionized the ease of use and convenience of cast iron cookware. Unlike traditional cast iron, which requires seasoning and careful maintenance, Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron is ready to use out of the box - when first using a Le Creuset piece, I simply had to remove it from the box, give it a quick rinse, and I was on my way to preparing a meal in under 5 minutes.

Also unlike traditional cast iron, Le Creuset’s enamel coating renders it “unreactive” - where traditionally seasoned cast iron may react to acidic to acidic foods (such as tomato or lemon-centered dishes or sauces), Le Creuset’s enamel protects the cast iron from any acidic ingredients, while retaining all of the functionality of cast iron cookware.

Having never had the pleasure of using a Le Creuset piece until recently, it was this combination of ease of use and functionality that I found most striking - within minutes of bringing home a Le Creuset Flame Orange Risotto pot, I was searing and browning meat perfectly. Within 20 minutes I had seared my meat, built my sauce, and the entire dish went into the oven to slow braise - leaving me free to watch a film with my girlfriend while Le Creuset took care of finishing dinner for me.

Le Creuset Benefits:

Heat Retention: Due to the amazing heat retention qualities of cast iron, Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron heats evenly, then retains that heat for long periods - making it perfect for searing, and long, slow braises in the oven.

Versatility: Pairing the incredible properties of cast iron with their signature enamel, Le Creuset sears, braises, bakes, roasts and simmers with ease.

Ease of Cleaning: Having had my fair share of meal-cleanup nightmares in the past, I was initially skeptical of tackling the clean-up of my Le Creuset - and I could not have been more wrong. A quick rinse with some hot and soapy water, and the risotto pot’s light interior enamel was spotless.

Joy of Cooking: Simply put, cooking with Le Creuset is fun - really fun. To anyone who enjoys cooking and has not yet had the sheer pleasure of using Le Creuset, I encourage you to seek out a piece to add to your kitchen - after using my risotto pot only once, I immediately began planning all of the recipes I just NEEDED to try with it.

Aesthetic: Not only are Le Creuset enameled cast iron pieces a workhorse in any kitchen, they are gorgeous to look at, and available in a wide-range of colours.


Although Le Creuset is most well known for their dutch ovens - and rightfully so - they have an extensive line available in their signature vibrant colours:

Round Dutch Oven: Also known as a “french oven” or “cocotte”, Le Creuset’s signature dutch ovens are the workhorse in any kitchen, searing, baking, braising, and roasting with ease.

Oval Dutch Oven: The Le Creuset dutch oven in a slightly elongated shape to better accommodate poultry dishes and longer vegetables and meat cuts.

Braiser: Shallow, round dishes available in 30 and 32cm sizes with heavy set lids - perfect for long braises.

Saucier: Shallow rounded saucier with lid, perfect for sauce making and simmering.

Skillet: Enamelled cast iron skillets, featuring a matte black interior enamel - works just perfectly on the stovetop or in the oven, and perfect for one-skillet meals.

Grill Pan: Square skillet with raised ridges - perfect for indoor grilling!

Tagine: Wide, shallow cast iron base with a conical ceramic lid, the Le Creuest Tagine is wonderful for Mediterranean dishes and Moroccan-style stews.

Wok: Large 36cm wok in the classic style, featuring two handles and a glass lid - excellent for high-heat stir frying.

Risotto Pot: The perfect hybrid of the Le Creuset round dutch ovens and shallow braisers, the Risotto Pot is a shallow 26cm round oven designed for Risotto preparation, but also able to tackle small dutch-oven dishes with ease.

A true golden-standard of excellence and functionality, we at Consiglio’s are proud to offer Le Creuset at Canada’s most competitive pricing - guaranteed. Check back often for rotating sales and holiday specials on Le Cresuet at Consiglio's!

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