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Imperia RM220 Restaurant Pasta Maker Review

Imperia RM220 Restaurant Pasta Maker Review


The only pasta maker of its kind, the Imperia RM200 Restaurant pasta maker bridges the gap between small, home-use units and large, costly commercial machines. This week, we take a look at the RM220, the pros and cons of the unit, and what truly sets it apart.

Established in Italy in 1932, Imperia has a long and rich history of providing high-quality pasta makers, and has become well known for producing some of the best pasta makers in the world. Designed specifically for its higher production capabilities, the Imperia RM220 is available in both a manual and electric unit with a collection of attachments available.

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Pros - What Really Sets the Imperia RM220 Apart?

Design: One of the biggest strengths of the Imperia RM220 is it’s design to fill a need otherwise not met by pasta makers - the need for something in between small, light-usage pasta makers for domestic use, and huge, costly commercial pasta makers for industrial use. The RM220 is the perfect size for high domestic usage, caterers, and small restaurants looking to make batches of fresh pasta.

Unlike the smaller rollers and cutting attachments of units like the Imperia Sp150, the Marcato 180, or even the Imperia Pasta Presto, the Imperia RM220 features nice, large 8.6” (220mm) rollers. Set in a sturdy, all-steel housing the Imperia RM220 is large, durable and 100% Italian made.

Previously, one of the drawbacks of the RM220 was an internal, gear-driven design, creating the need to occasionally replace damaged or worn gears. This flaw, however, has been addressed directly by Imperia who have redesigned and upgraded their design as of 2014 - all RM200 units made after this point now feature a belt-drive system, making them more durable and reducing the need to replace gears over time.

Versatility: Available in both manual and electric versions, the RM220 functions primarily as a dough sheeter, expanding the range of what the unit is capable of producing - not only can it pump out sheets of pasta dough ready for cutting, it is great for rolling dough out for empanadas and other foods that require large sheets of dough.

As for pasta cutting options, the RM220 offers a wide selection of heavy-duty attachments:




A dough mixer attachment is also available. Which brings us to...

 Cons - Things to Consider Before Ordering

Dough Mixing Attachment: Although there is a dough mixing attachment available for the RM220, it is easily the biggest short falling of the RM220 - although it may be useful for some, the dough mixer is quite small, especially for a unit with the production capability of the Imperia RM220.

Usage Limitations: As mentioned above, the Imperia RM220 is designed to fill the gap between home-use and large commercial pasta makers - which it does, and does exceptionally well. This, however, isn’t to say that there aren’t limitations on its production capabilities. Although a great unit for small restaurants, caterers and large scale home use, the Imperia RM220 is simply not designed for constant commercial usage. Large operations that require daily constant high-level output would do better to invest in a commercial unit - as with any machine, using the RM220 past its designed functionality will result in wear, tear, and will ultimately burn-out the machine.

Pros vs. Cons Summary




  • Design fills a need not met by other
    pasta makers

  • 8.6” (220mm) rollers

  • Strong steel housing

  • Made in Italy

  • Units after 2014 feature new
    belt-drive system

  • Versatile - can also be used to roll out dough for empanadas and other foods.

  • Attachments must be bought separately - you can find them here!

  • Dough mixing attachment small for a unit of this size and production capability.

  • Not designed for constant commercial usage - best used for small restaurants.


Ultimately, the Imperia RM220 excels at doing exactly what it was designed for - filling the need for a mid-range pasta maker somewhere in between home and commercial units. Fresh pasta is delicious, fast cooking and supremely economical, and the Imperia RM220 units are a great way for small restaurants, cooking collectives, big families and caterers to make large batches quickly and easily.

Have any questions about the Imperia RM220? Leave us a question in the comments below, or send us an email!


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