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Holiday Traditions at Consiglio's

Holiday Traditions at Consiglio's

With the holidays getting closer, it’s time to reflect on the traditions that truly make the holidays what they are - a time to share good food and good times with family and loved ones. From succulent feasts to sweet baked goods, the holidays are the perfect time for preparing (and indulging in) great food. Here are a couple of our favourite traditions, from our families to yours.

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Practically synonymous with the Italian holiday season, panettone is a sweet bread loaf of Milanese origins traditionally including citrus zest and raisins. With a history tracing back to ancient leavened breads sweetened with honey, and appearing in art dating back as far as the 1500’s, panettone is typically prepared and enjoyed for Christmas or New Years in Italy - a tradition that has since spread through Europe, into North America, and even as far some South American countries.

Panettone is characterised by its unique, tall domed shape and distinctive fluffy texture - think “shreddable” as opposed to “crumby” or “crumbly”. This hallmark texture is the result of an acidic starter similar to sourdough, and an extensive proofing process that can last from several hours to several days, depending on the recipe. This leavening process, combined with the traditional panettone mold or panettone pan is ultimately what gives the sweet bread loaf its unique shape.

With an etymology varying depending on who you ask, “panettone” is said to be directly derived from the Italian “panetto” + “one” (large loaf cake), “pan del ton” (luxury cake) or even “pan de Toni” (Toni’s cake, a nod to the original baker), with the answer you get depending entirely on who you ask.

While panetonne’s name and origin may have varied roots and stories, one true fact remains - it’s absolutely delicious, and an integral part of the holiday season.




A small, thin waffle cookie originating in the Abruzzo region of Italy, pizzelles are known as one of the world’s oldest cookies - with origins tracing back to ancient Rome. A popular addition to the Italian Christmas and Easter holiday seasons, pizzelles are traditionally made with flour, sugar, eggs and butter flavoured with anise or anisette - though both vanilla and citrus zest are now both popular alternatives.


Although pizzelle dough would originally be prepared in a special pizzelle iron (similar to traditional waffle irons) held over a heat source, electric pizzelle makers are now widely available. The end result? A cookie that can either be soft or crispy, rolled into cannoli shells and stuffed, or enjoyed just as they are - perfect and tasty.

The Bird 

The centerpiece of holiday feasts spanning numerous cultures across the world, roasted goose (or turkey, or chicken, or duck, depending on culture and preference) is as succulent as it is symbolic. Whether stuffed and roasted in the traditional manner, or spatchcocked, deep fried, barbequed or smoked, as is becoming increasingly popular, the bird is a central pillar and an integral part of the holiday feast - so why not prepare and present it as such?


We’ve been giving a lot of love to Le Creuset lately (a lot) - and for good reason. As strong, durable and functional as they are pretty, they are the cornerstone and workhorse of many kitchens. This year, we’ll be pulling out all the stops with Le Creuset’s Goose Pot - a behemoth 14.5L oval dutch oven specifically sized and shaped for roasting holiday goose (or turkey), and serving up large, feast-sized meals. Available in Marseille Blue, Cherry Red or Le Creuset’s signature Flame Orange, Le Creuset’s Goose Pot is so darn good looking, you’ll want to use it as a serving vessel too!


Espresso (or Coffee)

One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was rooted in early Christmas morning - in my family, my parents and siblings would slowly migrate from their bedrooms to the kitchen, where my Dad would inevitably be preparing warm beverages - hot chocolate when we were young, and coffee as we grew older. I always cherished those quiet. early morning moments around a table - and still do, perhaps even more now that my siblings and I are now grown up.



Living in different cities with busy lives, Christmas morning is now a rare moment when all of us are together - and although we all get up a little later then we used to, come Christmas morning we’ll all trickle out of spare rooms at my mother’s house, and make our way to the kitchen - this time with spouses and partners in tow - and gather for our morning cup.

This year, I’ll be bringing home a bag of our Consiglio’s Aroma Eccellente espresso to share in this cherished ritual - sweet, and aromatic, it’ll be the perfect indulgence to share with my loved ones in that rare, quiet moment.


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