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Holiday Gift Ideas From Lampe Berger-Consiglio's Kitchenware

Holiday Gift Ideas From Lampe Berger



If you’re still scrambling for last minute holiday gift ideas, fret not - Lampe Berger has got you covered! Offering air purification through their patented catalytic diffusion, Lampe Berger lamps, boxsets and fluids make perfect small gifts and stocking stuffers.




About Lampe Berger:

Lampe Berger began in France in 1898 with pharmacist Maurice Berger, who discovered the air purification benefits of the catalytic combustion of Ozoalcohol. He filed the patent for a new lamp system for purifying the air, and Lampe Berger was born. Initially Lampe Berger technology was used only by French Hospitals, though soon enough caught the attention of French Designers such as Lalique, Galle, the Daum crystal glass works, and Baccarat.The Lampe Berger soon became a fixture in salons during the Belle Epoque, and served a new function: Fragrance.

Today, whether in simple styles and materials, or dressed up by great contemporary designers, the Lampe Berger is even more popular - for air purification, fragrance and home decor.




Lampe Berger Lamps:

Lampe Berger lamps are where the magic starts and are available in a range of colours and styles!
  • Diamante: Inspired by the geometric exuberance of the Art Deco movement, Lampe Berger's Diamant lampe is a square transparent glass lamp adorned with a decorative diamond tip texture for an elegant, yet sleek, charm. The Diamante Lampe is available in  Grey, Amber, or White

  • Leather Cube: Timeless, effortlessly and luxurious, Lampe Berger's Cube Leather lamps are frosted-glass covered with real leather, and bring an elegant warmth to decors. Available in Grey or  Havana

  • Porcelain: Lampe Berger offers three different lamps in white porcelain, each with their own style and decorative imagery. Messagere De L'Amour features a unique pink top and is adorned with romantic imagery, and the Four Seasons is a voluptuous porcelain lamp with each of the four faces adorned with an elegant, timeless illustration representing one of the four seasons. Agnes  is classic porcelain lamp decorated on both sides with the faces of the Little Angels from Italian Renaissance artist Raphael's famous painting Sistine Madonna

  • Frosted Lamps: Celebrating the gorgeous, winter-inspired aesthetic of white, frosted glass, Lampe Berger’s White Galet draws upon the idea and shape of the pebble - both in nature as well as interior design - to bring zen and well being to any interior space, while Silver Effects pairs the white frosted look with a metallic ornamentation inspired by silver.

  • Techno Orange: Completely unique and set apart from the design style of Lampe Berger’s wide range of lamps, Techno Orange is created by designer Jean-Baptiste Sibertin Blanc, and features a sleek, ultra-modern industrial design.


New to Lampe Berger? Check out our Lampe Berger Refill Instructions here!


Lampe Berger Box Sets:

Perfect for those new to the Lampe Berger experience, Box Sets come complete with everything needed to begin your Lampe Berger journey and include a lampe, catalytic burner, and small sample-sized bottle of fluid.  

Quintessential Starter Kits: The starting point for many, Lampe Berger’s Quintessential Starter Kits come with either a Round or Cube shaped clear glass lamp. With a clean, classic look, these lamps fit seamlessly into any interior decor style or living space, and offer the perfect platform to begin the Lampe Berger experience.

Limited Edition Box Sets: Designed and released specifically for the winter holiday season, the Lampe Berger Red Satin and White Satin box sets include lamps with a softly frosted finish in either red or white, and are a simple yet elegant celebration of the winter season.

Lampe Berger Fluids:

With upwards of fifty unique scents, Lampe Berger fluids offer a wide range of possible olfactory experiences. Ranging from fresh and clean to earthy and sensual, there is sure to be a scent available for every style and living space!

Trio Packs: Lampe Berger trio packs include three 180mL sample-sized bottles of fluid, and are a great place to start if you’re unsure of what scent to start with, or even just looking to try something new! Trio packs are available in:

  • Fresh (Fresh Linen, Lemon Flower, Ocean Breeze),

  • Warm (featuring Orange Cinnamon, Vanilla Gourmet and New Orleans),

  • New Lampe Berger Trio Pack featuring Radiant Bergamot, Subtle Almond, and Wild Berries


Leathery Scents:

  • Daring Pepper: Hints of raspberry layered atop notes of spice and leather

  • Magnificent Vetiver: A refined and inviting presentation of classically warm, woody masculine notes

  • Winterwood:  A warm and intimate pairing of spicy and woody notes


Sweet Scents:


Fresh Scents:

  • Majestic Sequoia: As magnificent and inspiring as the towering trees that lend their woody notes to this fragrance, Lampe Berger's Majestic Sequoia is a breathtaking creation that is simultaneously fresh, spicy, and invigorating, bringing all of the wonder of Cathedral Grove and its ancient trees to you and your living space.

  • Mineral Oakmoss: Drawing its aroma from oakmoss (commonly known as lichen) hand picked from the trunks of Bulgarian oaks, Mineral Oakmoss layers bright citrus top notes atop ginger and marine notes for a composition that is simultaneously earthy and bright

  • Forest Mist: Ethereal and free, Forest Mist evokes a sense of large trees and running streams, perfectly bringing the sense of the wide-open wilderness into your living space

Citrus Scents:

Holiday Scents:

  • Heavenly Spruce: A classic spruce scent warmed with gentle cloves and citrus, Heavenly Spruce touches at the heart of the winter holiday season.

  • Orange Cinnamon: One of the most prolific and popular Lampe Berger scents, Orange Cinnamon features a warm and spicy pairing of sweet orange, warm spice, and candied fruit, evoking classic holiday-season treats, cakes and desserts.

  • Virginia Cedarwood: Bright and balanced, Virginia Cedarwood pairs cedar and cypress notes for a fresh yet earthy experience.

Neutral and Unscented:
Great for those that are sensitive to scents, or useful for cleaning your Lampe Berger wicks between different types of fluid, So Neutral is completely unscented while still offering all of the benefits of Lampe Berger’s air purification. So Neutral is also available in 1L.

If you’d like to learn more about the range of Lampe Berger scents and fluids available, be sure to check out our Lampe Berger Fluid Guide!



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