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Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville Smart Grinder Pro Combo Review

Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville Smart Grinder Pro Combo Review


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This video outlines the newest upgrades and features of the semi-automatic Gaggia Classic Pro and provides an overall demo and review.

The Gaggia Classic Pro and Breville Smart Grinder Pro (BCG820BSSXL) combo is a match made for espresso lovers! Offering the classic, Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine, tried and tested, and Brevilles most premium fully programmable and digital burr grinder the Breville smart grinder pro.

Offering a newly updated sleek design, the Gaggia Classic Pro has made subtle changes but kept all the features that made the Gaggia Classic family of machines industry leaders. Featuring the same 3 way solenoid valve and 58 mm commercial chrome plated brass portafilter as on the original models. New advancements in the Gaggia Classic Pro are the commercial steam wand, a highly anticipated and requested feature. This new steam wand offers commercial grade steam and makes velvety froth, ideal for latte art. 

Additional upgrades to the Gaggia Classic Pro include a change from a single control panel to new rocker switches for power, brew and steaming activation. This element makes this the perfect machine for beginners as it is simple and easy to use. The exterior stainless steel housing has been refined, offering subtle frame indents to make removing the water tank easier. The all new drip tray has been upgraded to complement the couture of the machine, offering rounded edges. Internally the Gaggia Classic Pro still offers embedded heating elements allowing the machine to be brew ready in under 5 minutes. Internally Gaggia updated the pump mounts now allowing the machine to brew at a much quieter volume.  Steaming takes about 60 seconds, and a quick flush brings you back to brew temperature lightning fast. 

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Gaggia Classic Pro & Breville Smart Grinder Pro Combo

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