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Enjoy 10% off for a limited time with code - "SAVE10". Some exclusions apply.
Enjoy 10% off for a limited time with code - "SAVE10". Some exclusions apply.
Francesco Palumbo Horizontal Sausage Stuffers - Now at Consiglio's!

Francesco Palumbo Horizontal Sausage Stuffers - Now at Consiglio's!

Stuffing your own sausage is not only a great way to make high-quality, healthy food, it allows you to have the utmost control in what goes into your sausage - and is tasty too! Providing speed, convenience, and ensuring sausage meat mixtures don’t get overworked in the casing process, sausage stuffers are an essential tool in getting the job done.

Francesco Palumbo - About the Company:

With a keen eye for technological advancement and innovative design, Francesco Palumbo approaches his product line with a simple goal: to provide people with strong, efficient and easy to use tools and machines for preparing authentic, healthy, and traditional food in their own home kitchens. Founding his manufacturing and design in 1977, Francesco Palumbo has built the reputation of his company and products on continuous technological development, ensuring every item produced is of the highest quality design and construction. With almost 40 years experience and expertise, the Francesco Palumbo brand and sausage stuffers boast the best of authentic Italian design, manufacturing and quality.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Sausage Stuffers - What’s the difference?

Not only do vertical and horizontal sausage stuffers look different, they work a little differently too. While vertical stuffers stand perpendicular to a work surface, horizontal stuffers sit parallel to them - making the stuffing cannister easier to access, fill and clean. Lying flat on either a table, counter top or work bench, horizontal stuffers need to sit flush with the edge of the work surface to allow ample room for their handle to turn.

Francesco Palumbo Horizontal Sausage Stuffers.

Coming in 3, 5, and 8kg sizes, Francesco Palumbo horizontal sausage stuffers feature a stainless steel design that is well constructed, highly efficient and easy to use. 







Sturdy, heavy duty construction with high-quality, tarnish and scratch resistant stainless steel.

High-quality, hardened nylon plunger gaskets for tight and durable seal when stuffing.

Screw collar system locks stuffing tubes in place for tight, fail-safe seal.

All metal, heavy cast iron 2-speed gear system for better durability,consistency and higher torque.

12mm, 20mm, 25mm and 35mm hardened nylon stuffing tubes for pepperettes, breakfast sausage, brats and chorizo, and larger salami and keilbasa.
Stainless steel stuffing cannister cannister locks into place for secure and safe operation; unlocks and rotates up for easy filling and cleaning.


 Interested in our new line of Francesco Palumbo Horizontal Sausage Stuffers? Get more specs and read more here!


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