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Espresso meets Bluetooth Technology with the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti

Espresso meets Bluetooth Technology with the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti

Smart phones, tablets, watches and now... smart espresso? Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Saeco GrandBaristo Avanti has accomplished just that. Smart technology has brought an unprecedented level of convenience and customization to every day life, and Saeco has brought these advances to great espresso beverages for the first time in North America with the soon-to-­arrive Avanti and corresponding Saeco Avanti app.

 So, what does bringing smart technology into the world of espresso mean?

Perfectly customizable drinks. 

The Avanti app takes perfection to new
heights by letting users to select any
one of 18 ­-  yes, EIGHTEEN - possible
beverages, and then customize every
aspect of the drink to their tastes and

Customization is controlled through a
sliding bar interface, allowing users
precise control over a number of
variables along a spectrum of possibility.







Unique user profiles.

Given the sheer number of options and personalization the Avanti and app allow, Saeco has included user profiles within the app – meaning once you create your quintessential early morning brew specs, you can save it for easy access. With the ability to create up to six profiles, there is plenty of room for friends, family, loved ones, and guests to create and store their perfect brews too! Which brings me to….  


Queue function. 

Thanks to the Avanti app you will never have to fret over perfecting the perfect espresso beverage for friends, family or guests ever again. 

Cappuccino, brewed intensely strong, piping hot but only the faintest touch of foam? Followed by a mild North American style coffee (but not too hot!)? Simply let everyone enter their beverage order exactly how they want it, and the app will queue the drinks to brew in sequence – everyone gets a perfect drink, and it’s all organized from your smart device. 


Cleaning and Descaling has never been easier.

Not only will the Avanti app tell you everything you need to know about cleaning and maintaining this machine, it will provide you with step-by-step video instructions along the way. 

Currently only available for pre-order, the Saeco Granbaristo Avanti and app have revolutionized espresso – check out the Avanti listing on our website for more information, estimated arrival date, or to secure your pre-order! 



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