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Save 10% with code "MARCH10" in our warehouse clearance sale! Some exclusions apply.
Eggplant Jardiniere Using a Torchietto (Vegetable Press)

Eggplant Jardiniere Using a Torchietto (Vegetable Press)


Vegetable Presses, known in Italian as Torchietto, are a specialty press designed to squeeze liquids from solids including a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our Vegetable Presses are made in Italy and combine stainless steel hoppers with stainless steel perforated baskets. While cranking down with the crank arm system, the internal fruits or vegetables are squeezed against the side internal perforated cylinder. In addition these Vegetable Presses can be used for wine making when following the correct processes and can also be used to crush olives and even make tinctures from herbs. Consiglio's sourced out the best Vegetable Presses in Italy which use solid metal components. On our professional line triple tower aluminum posts for commercial resistance are incorporated. Bring the old world into your home with our line of Vegetable Press Torchietto products and enjoy the delicacies of Italy today! Chef Angela Consiglio demonstrates the features and benefits of using a Torchietto to create a classic Italian recipe known as Jardiniere or 'pickled jarred' Eggplant. Subscribe to stay in the loop about new products and recipes from

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Professional Vegetable / Fruit Press 8" - 5 Litre (TORCHIETTO) - Large / Grande, Made in Italy

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