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Enter our DeLonghi $600 Spring Giveaway! Click here.
DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 Review-Consiglio's Kitchenware

DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 Review

DeLonghi entered the world of automatic espresso machines in 1990, and for the past 27 years have put their design and manufacturing expertise into creating a line of espresso machines that are easy and intuitive to use while maintaining the highest possible standard of functionality. While DeLonghi might not have the deep, historical roots of brands such as Gaggia, they’ve developed a design that directly addresses the concerns and feedback of espresso lovers - namely by creating machines that produce a hotter, stronger espresso beverage while still looking great and being convenient to use!

A couple weeks ago we compared DeLonghi vs Saeco automatic espresso machines as part of our blog’s “VS.” series (in the past we’ve also covered Saeco vs. Jura and Saeco vs. Gaggia automatic espresso machines, and Gaggia Classic vs. Rancilio Silvia manual espresso machines). In a direct side-by-side comparison, Delonghi comes in quite similar to the Saeco machines - making them an intuitive choice for espresso lovers with a history of enjoying the Saeco line.

Ultimately in our comparison the DeLonghi automatic espresso machines came out on top, and made an overall hotter beverage, had the capacity to make a stronger espresso, and features a warranty double the length of competing brands on the market.

If you’re interested in checking out our full side-by-side Saeco vs. DeLonghi comparison, you can find it here.

Intersted in how the DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 automatic espresso machine works? Click here to jump down to our Gran Dama video guide!

DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 Automatic Espresso Machine

Here at Consiglio’s we’re pretty spoiled - we’re lucky enough to have one of the DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 automatic espresso machines set up as a demo in our showroom, and it’s quickly become a personal favourite of mine. Not only does the machine look great, but it’s fast and easy to use and creates the hottest espresso I’ve ever had from an automatic espresso machine.

 DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620

DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 Specs and Features:

  • Dimensions (l x w x h inches):11.2 x 16.5 x 15.0
  • Weight (Lbs):28.2
  • Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz):120~60
  • Input power (W):1350
  • Choose your favorite color:Metal
  • Aroma control:Yes
  • Audio Signal:Yes
  • Auto shutOFF:Yes
  • Beans container capacity:.5 lb
  • Cappuccino System cleaning indicator:Yes
  • Coffee grounds container:14 cups or after 72 hours from first use
  • Uses ground coffee:Yes
  • Descaling, cleaning and rinsing program:Yes
  • Maximum cup height:6 in
  • Display:4-line text
  • Internal Frothing Device:Yes
  • New silent grinder with 13 settings:Yes
  • Power supply switch:Yes
  • Programmable switch-on:Yes
  • Programmable water hardness:Yes
  • Pump pressure (bar):15
  • Removable drip tray with level indicator:Yes
  • Removable infuser unit:Yes
  • Removable water reservoir:Yes
  • Selection for 1 cup:Yes
  • Selection for 2 cups:Yes

DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 Features:

OTC Milk Function: The DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 features an automated milk frothing system, and a self-cleaning milk carafe. Unlike other competing brands that require special cleaning and maintenance supplies, DeLonghi has incorporated a self-cleaning milk circuit system - once you’re done making a latte or cappuccino, simply use the “clean” button on the milk carafe to rinse the Gran Dama’s milk system. Another great feature of the Gran Dama’s automated milk system is the fact that the machine only draws and heats the amount of milk needed to create your beverage - this means that the milk remaining in the carafe remains cool and to food-safety specifications. The implication of this is that once you’re done making your latte on the DeLonghi Gran Dama, you can simply clean the milk circuit, remove the carafe and put it directly back into the refridgerator.

Beverage Strength: The DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 has the capacity to extract with up to 16 grams of espresso per serving - for context, most competing brands max out at 10 grams. This increased 60% capacity gives the option of extracting a stronger espresso, but also brings out a deeper, richer flavour and thicker, more robust crema.

Warranty: DeLonghi offers a full 2 year warranty on all of their automatic and superautomatic espresso machines, including the Gran Dama 6620 - this is DOUBLE the warranty coverage offered on competing brands! DeLonghi stands behind the quality and durability of their machines, and they offer the warranty coverage up front to prove it.

Made in Italy: In a time where it’s becoming increasingly more common for machines and products once manufactured in Italy to migrate to different manufactuing locations, it’s good to know that the DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 is still made in Italy!

Using the DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620

Delonghi Gran Dama 6620: How to Make a Cappuccino


 DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620: How to Make an Espresso

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