Named for both the vessel and the savory stews prepared inside, Tagine pots are crafted with centuries-old culinary tradition from North Africa in mind. Its distinctive shape and classic design continually bastes food in a moist atmosphere, ensuring exceptionally tender meat and flavourful dishes.

Le Creuset's Tagine pot features a wide, shallow, enameled cast-iron base and a ceramic conical lid. The lid is made out of hard-wearing stoneware which stays cool and helps regulate condensation.
Both pieces are durable and easy to clean.
The base is able to work with Induction, Gas, Electrical, Ceramic, Radiant Ring, and Oven ranges.
It is also dishwasher safe.

  • 2.3L Marseille Blue Tagine
  • Height with lid - 8 inches / 20 cm
  • Max diameter - 11 inches / 28 cm
  • Base diameter - 8 inches / 20 cm
  • Enameled Cast-Iron Base
  • Stoneware Lid
  • Recipes Included
  • Made in France

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