Lampe Berger - Ylang's Sun (500mL)

Lampe Berger's Ylang's Sun delicately balances coconut, floral and vanilla notes as well as the captivating scent of Ylang-Ylang to create an immersive olfactory experience full of sunshine and warmth. Originiating in South-East Asia and the Philippines the Ylang-Ylang (meaning "flower of flowers in Indonesian) produces large clusters of star-shaped fragrant flowers. By pairing the Ylang-Ylang's scent with notes of sunshine and warmth, Lampe Berger has created a fragrance that perfectly catures the feeling of summer. 

  • Volume: 500mL
  • Approximately 20 hours of use
  • Made in France

Caution: Flammable Fluids! Keep Away From Heat Sources. Do Not Mix With Other Chemicals. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

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