Jura Impressa Z9

Welcome to the ultimate in double boiler super automatic espresso machine, the leader in super automatic beverages, Jura Impressa Z9. Designed for fast hot preparation of hot cappuccino, latte, espresso and over a dozen preset coffee options. With 153mm of adjustable space you can fit small or even larger latte style latte cups under the milk spout. Your espresso spouts can also be adjusted to fit small espresso style cups without any mess or splash. 
Integrated Water Purification - Offered through Jura's Claris water purification filters. This feature can be turned on or off. 
Simple maintenance - Jura's Z9 will engage in a cleaning mode and indicate when this is required. Simply follow the prompts for cleaning and insert the provided cleaning solution. (refer to your manual for cleaning instructions) 
Premium Quality 7 Swiss Made  - This superlative, top-quality model makes the heart of even the most demanding coffee aficionado beat faster, and provides the thrilling experience of a full range of coffee enjoyment at the highest possible level. Variable, simple and individual.

The cup illumination feature stylishly presents specialty coffees in rich amber and milk specialties in gleaming white.

  • Height-adjustable cappuccino spout for optimum milk foam quality with no splashing
  • Latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button
  • Butterfly spoutts for makeing large double cappuccinos 
  • Intelligent preheating for hot coffee from the first cup
  • 11 different products at the touch of a button
  • Two-cup illumination to put the finished result in the spotlight
  • Intuitive operation using the Rotary Switch and clear text / graphic display


Stainless Steel thermobloc boiler - with Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System and programmable brewing temperature

Brew Head Clearance:

Cappuccino Head Clearance:

Adjustable 6.5cm - 10.3 cm, also has a light for cup illumination

Adjustment 11.3 cm - 15.3 cm


Bean Hopper - 280 grams(with aroma preservation cover and active bean monitor), Water Tank - 2.8L

Coffee Grounds:

Into removable dregs container (20 shot capacity)

Coffee Strength:


Programmable, 5-16 grams, also pre-ground doser by-pass can be used, also coffee water volume can be adjusted






6-level spherical grinder

Made in:


Milk Frother:

Included professional cappuccino frother with stainless steel vaccum milk container 0.6L


1350 Watts - 110 Volt


High Performance 15 bar pump


13.5 kg


Made in Switzerland

2 Year Warranty


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