Jura Impressa J6 Silver 

The Jura Impressa J6 Silver encompasses state-of-the-art technology that ensures high quality and precision for specialty coffee beverages. This machine is user friendly and has the option to be operated via a Smartphone using the Smart Connect Jura app.  

The Jura Impressa J6 has a number of top innovations such as the AromaG3 grinder which functions twice as fast as the previous grinders. Additionally, Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) allows optimal extraction time for short espressos that burst with rich flavour. This machine is excellent for creating milk based and foam beverages thanks to the ultimate foam technology. Next, the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S) identifies the water filter automatically. The build of this machine is impeccable as it contains a redesigned hygienic and tidy storage compartment. This is achieved by an easily accessible inlay in the storage section that has an interchangeable milk spout as well as a milk pipe that can be stored away to save space.

In addition to all the specialty beverage features the overall style and design of the J line includes clear, simple and symmetrical lines. Any espresso enthusiast would be impressed by how the J6 pleases all the senses including: specialty beverages, high quality processing, user friendly operation, TUV-certified hygiene and brilliant high-quality materials within the build of the machine which meet Swiss standards of precision.

Additional Features Include 

TFT Display: A fully digital and color screen display, providing the machines complete nerve center, where all espresso choices are a single click away.

TUV Certified Hygiene: All JURA machines have a maintenance free brewing unit that encompass self-cleaning at the touch of a button.

Operating Center: The rotary dial, LED display, and six programmable one-touch buttons (four coffee buttons, one hot water and one steam button).

Two Frothing Systems: The dual frother plus with its two settings (steam and froth or steam only) allows you to froth in any kind of container. It will also dispense hot water for tea and other beverages. The automatic frothXpress siphons cold milk from any container and transforms it automatically into hot frothed or steamed milk and delivers it directly to your coffee cup.

Bean Sensor: Built-in bean sensor reminds you to refill the 9 oz. bean container.

Rotary Dial: The user-friendly rotary dial allows you to override any settings for coffee/steam. Pushing this button allows you to enter 11 programming options.

Butterfly Coffee Spout/Cup Illumination: Dual coffee spout design moves up/down/in/out to accommodate wide range of cup sizes. Cup illumination puts a spotlight on every coffee made.

Water/Storage: A 2.1L/71 oz removable water tank with sensor ensures the tank is always (manually) refilled and ready for use. The Clearly water filter enhances the quality of tap water while decalcifying which will prolong the longevity of the machine. Additionally, a redesigned storage compartment is easily accessible.  

Ceramic Valve Technology: Shortens the flow of coffee resulting in a hotter temperature and more crema in your cup.

Triple Hot Water Temperature: Triple temperature setting for hot water output creates a hotter Cafe Americano, pre-warms your coffee cups quicker and is wonderful for tea preparations. 



Manufacturer: Jura
Dimensions: W 28.5 cm x D 43.3 cm x H 34.2 cm
Weight: 10.9 kg
Boiler Type: Thermoblock
Volts: 110/120V
Temperature Control: Thermostat
Build-In Grinder: Yes
Water Tank: 2.1 l (71oz)
Water Source: Internal Water Tank (removable) 
Pump: Vibratory

2 Year Warranty


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