Jura Fine Foam Frother

The Jura Fine Foam Frother pairs a highly functional multi-chamber design with an easy-to-use interface to deliver a diverse array of milk steaming and foaming options and combinations to your fingertips.


With an easy-to-use interface dial allowing for full control of milk temperature and froth, the Jura Fine Foam Frother’s professional caliber fine-textured and long-lasting foam brings artisanal barista-quality beverages – be it espresso macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, or many more – to the comfort of your Jura Coffee Center either at home, or at the office.


The Jura Fine Foam Frother is compatible with all Jura machines with a connector system for manual frothing.


Not compatible with the following models as they alreadycome with fine foam frothing built in: the Z7, J9 One Touch, ENA Micro 9 One Touch, and ENA 9 One Touch. 

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