GAT Magnum Moka 48 Cup Espresso Maker 

Great Value - Lightly used in store demo, otherwise in perfect condition with original box and packaging. Perfect for store or restaurant display! 

This is the real deal! Welcome to the jumbo sized GAT Magnum Lady Oro Moka 48 cup stove top espresso maker, now available at Consiglio's! Are you looking to make homemade Tiramisu or throwing a party? The GAT Magnum Lady Oro makes 48 approx 1oz espresso cups of coffee, and operates exactly like the much smaller espresso makers available. 

This gigantic espresso maker stands at a whopping 17" high with a base diameter of 8". Designed with a stay cool black handle and made entirely of extra think aluminum, the GAT Lady Oro Moka will last many years and produce delicious espresso. 

Despite being 100% functional if you are looking for a prop in your home, cafe or business this espresso maker is an eye catcher, and epitomizes everything Italian!

  • Made of extra think aluminum
  • AKA - Magnum 48 Cup 
  • 48 cup capacity - approx 1oz each
  • 48oz or 1419.53ml total volume 
  • Instructions included
  • Top lid handle is shaped like espresso bean 
  • Stay cool pouring handle 
  • Easy pour spout 
  • By Zappa Design Studio 
  • Internal espresso basket is 5.5"w X 2" Depth 
  • Washer included 
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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