Gourmet King 180 Watt - 190mm / 7.5" Blade / Food Slicer - 180 Watt

The Gourmet King food slicer offers a powerful 180 Watt motor with hardened stainless steel serrated slicing blade. Our Gourmet King food slicer offers unmatched slicing capability from paper thin to 15mm (9/16") thickness with ease. Unlike many other slicers on the market the King Gourmet slicer will perform like much more costly slicers for a very affordable price point. Offering sturdy metal and food grade plastic housing with sturdy rubber feet for planted table top operation! Ideal for cutting cured meats and breads along with hard cheese and meats, you can now buy in bulk and save. The Gourmet King food slicer has extra smooth self lubricating carriage movement with plastic hand guard designed to grab and hold foods into the hopper for safe and simple slicing.

  • Powerful 180 watt AC motor
  • 7.5" (190mm) hardened stainless steel slicing blade
  • Serrated blade for easy slicing and thinner cuts (not designed for frozen foods)
  • Metal loading tray for easy cleaning and anti corrosion
  • Smooth side built in thickness control from paper thin to 15mm (9/16") thickness
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Blade safety protection cover
  • Metal and plastic housing food grade housing
  • Designed for home use and extra easy to operate
  • Removable blade for cleaning
  • 1 Year manufacturers warranty

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