GAT Moka Fashion 3 Cup Espresso Maker Induction Ready

The Gat Moka Fashion espresso maker is one of the only aluminum housing espresso makers to offer induction capability! Designed with solid black painted housing and stay cool matching handle. GAT Moka Fashion stove top espresso makers are 100% manufactured in Italy and boast extra think aluminum construction, unlike other brands on the market. Enjoy espresso quickly with the fast action heating of aluminum, designed to prepare espresso in minutes. 

  • GAT Moka Fashion 
  • Induction ready base
  • Height: 12.2cm or 122mm
  • Base: 8.9cm or 89mm
  • 3 cup capacity - approx 1oz per cup
  • 3oz or 88ml total volume
  • 100% Made in Italy 
  • Aluminum construction with special induction ready base
  • Hand clean not dishwasher safe 
  • Extra think construction designed to last longer
  • Replacement washers available 
  • AKA - Caffettiera Moka Fashion
  • Gift Box
  • 1 Year Warranty 


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