Francesco Palumbo 3KG/6.6LB Horizontal Sausage Stuffer

Francesco Palumbo makes some of the world's best horizontal sausage sufferers. Made in Italy our Francesco Palumbo stuffers are entirely made from stainless steel with cast iron gear casing and two speed operation. Offering stainless steel stuffing canister with easy access for filling and cleaning Francesco palumbo is designed for the home chef or professional sausage maker alike. 

The Housing

Francesco Palumbo stuffers are made from high grade stainless steel with stainless steel filling canister.


The Gears 

Francesco palumbo uses all metal gears. Metal gears offer stronger more consistent operation and provide more torque. Many cheaper models use plastic gears which tend to wear down over time or strip completely rendering the sausage stuffer useless.  

Air Release System

These sausage stuffers offer an air release system that allows air bubbles to release from around the hardened food grade gasket. This system provides consistent and even smooth meat mixture that are air pocket free. 


2 Speed Operation 

Francesco Palumbo horizontal sausage stuffers come with 2 speed operation, allowing for fast and slow stuffing capabilitty. This two speed gear system will allow you to remove the plunger faster when requiring access to your drum, and furthermore allow for slower precise stuffing speed and accuracy. 

The Stuffing Tubes

Francesco Palumbo stuffers come included with 4 high quality food grade nylon stuffing plates in the following diameters.

X-Large tube - 1.5" / 4CM

Large tube - 1.2" / 3CM

Medium tube - .75" / 2.2CM

Small tube - .5" / 1.3CM 


Hand Crank 

Francesco Palumo sausage stuffers offer a metal hand crank with plastic hand grip. The crank attached to one of each of the connections which allow for two speed operation with the dual metal gear system.


Product Dimensions 

 43cm L x 17cm H x 19cm W

17" L x 6 3/4" H x 7 1/2" W 



Francesco palumbo sausage stuffers are guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This warranty is a residential warranty, although Francesco Palumbo stuffers are of the highest quality warranty will not apply to commercial usage.


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