Delonghi La Specialista Semi Automatic Espresso Machine EC9335M

The all new Delonghi La Specialista espresso machine and grinder combo has arrived. Housed completely in stainless steel and certain to be a contender in the home espresso market for many years to come. Including a long list of professional features, scaled down and simplified for the amateur or espresso enthusiast. With the Delonghi La Specialista, you now have sensor grinding technology which delivers the perfect grind every time without having to fiddle with espresso grinder settings. Furthermore the Delonghi Specialista offers smart tamping, providing the optimal tamping pressure for perfect espresso crema, and totally consistent results every time. 

The Dual heating system and active temperature on the Delonghi Specialista espresso machine are what make this a real winner. Equipped with two independent heating systems for restaurant quality steaming capability for velvety latte, and creamy cappuccino, and a thermoblock for extracting piping hot espresso and coffee. If you are a tea or Americano drinker the Delonghi La Specialista offers a separate stainless steel hot water spout, pumping out piping hot water for all your beverage requirements. 

Summing up the Delonghi La Specialista espresso machine is simple, this is a mid range price point machine that creates premium quality cafe beverages comparable to much more expensive models. Guaranteed restaurant quality crema on every espresso, or micro foam for cappuccino and flat white is guaranteed. Checkout below for a list features and capabilities of the Delonghi la Specialista espresso machine. 

  • Free Delonghi Frothing Pitcher with Purchase 
  • Built-in state of the art conical burr grinding with perfect grind sensing sensors. Exclusive Sensing technology delivers precise, consistent grinding and the optimal dose for espresso, every time.
  • Perfect tamping with the built in tamping station and lever. Simply insert your portafilter and pull the lever down for perfect tamp pressure every time. 
  • Advanced built in Latte foam system. Simply select from velvety latte or bubbly cappuccino from the machines display and the machine will do the rest. Frothing perfectly for the beverage you select.
  • Instant heating system is an industry first. The Delonghi La Speiclista is hot and ready within seconds. This also applies to steaming as well, the steamer does not require minutes to build pressure or heat up. You are ready to brew coffee or steam only seconds after powering on.
  • Built in pre infusion will gradually build pressure during the extration process which extracts more flavor from your espresso beverage. 
  • Single or double beverage options available. You can brew one cup or two cups of espresso / coffee with this model.
  • Instant hot water with secondary stainless steel spout with the instant heating system. 
  • Volumetric Control. Including pre set volume selection or easily override setting to create a custom espresso coffee beverage. 
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - An industry first three year manufacturer warranty. (2 year warranty + additional 1 year when registered)


Manufacturer DeLonghi
Model EC9335M
Tank Capacity 1.8L
Color Stainless Steel
Dimensions  17.5" Height x  12.4" Length x 14.5" Width
Item Condition New
Warranty  3 Years Manufacturer warranty (2 year + 1 year with registration) 
Material Stainless Steel
Product Weight 28.6601
Pump Pressure  15 Bar 
Heating System 

Dual heating system 

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