Capresso Coffee Team Pro GS


The Coffee Team Pro GS features a programmable on/off setting as well as an adjustable conical burr grinder which crushes the espresso beans rather than chopping them. This ensures a consistent fresh grind before each perk, bringing out the depth of flavours in order to prepare the optimal drip coffee. Additionally, the Coffee Team Pro GS has a removable bean hopper for easy cleaning and to easily swap espresso beans if desired. This machine has a 10-cup (47 oz.) water capacity and prepares 10 cups of coffee in a glass carafe with a cup setting feature. Additional features include a gold tone coffee filter, brew temperature over 200 F and a 2 hour safety shut off for peace of mind and energy conservation. 

  • programmable on/off setting
  • adjustable conical burr grinder 
  • removable bean hopper 
  • 10-cup (47 oz.) water capacity
  • glass carafe
  • cup setting
  • gold tone coffee filter
  • over 200 F brew temperature 
  • 2 hour safety shut off



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