Eppicotispai - 6 Stackable Pasta  Drying Racks

With a durable wooden frame and thick mesh screen, Eppicotispai's Stackable Pasta Drying Rack is perfect for laying out and drying fresh pasta or ravioli, and can even be used for herbs, mushrooms and more! This rack disassembles for easy, flat storage. Multiple units can be stacked vertically for more drying space as needed. 
SKU: 8017790006732
ART: 2010
  • 6 x Sturdy beech wood frame stackable pasta drying racks
  • Thick food-grade screen with large holes to optimize airflow 
  • Stores flat 
  • Multiple units able to stack
  • Height (single unit): approx. 9 cm (3.54")
  • Width: 50 cm (19.68")
  • Depth: 40 cm (17.75")
  • Made in Italy 
6 units all together, product image only showing 4 stackable racks. 

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