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Fast Free Canadian shipping over $69.99!
Fast Free Canadian shipping over $69.99!
Le Creuset Signature Series Oval Ovens

Le Creuset Signature Series Oval Ovens

This video is a demo of the 29cm Cherry Red Cerise Oval Dutch Oven.

Consiglio's is a family run authorized Le Creuset dealer established since 1975.

Key Features:

  • Made in France
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Oven, cooktop and table ready
  • Suitable for all cook tops
  • Oven safe (500F)
  • Knob is oven safe (500F)
  • Wide loop handles for easy grip and safety
  • Shop Oval

Le Creuset Dutch Ovens:


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Le Creuset 4.7L Cherry Red/Cerise Oval French/Dutch Oven (29 cm) - LS2502-2967

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