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Imperia Pasta Maker Guide

Imperia Pasta Maker Guide

 One of the original innovators in streamlining pasta making in home kitchens, Imperia has been crafting durable yet easy-to-use pasta makers for generations. With a rich Italian history and backed by almost 85 years of experience, the Imperia line is still 100% Italian made.




The Imperia SP 150:


The Imperia SP150 features a flat roller system with an easy-to-grip adjustment knob, and comes standard with a 2mm tagliatelle (square-cut spaghetti) and a 6.5mm fettuccine cutting attachment - a design and setup so intuitive and versatile that it has now evolved to become almost universal across all home-use pasta maker models on the market.

Imperia Pasta Facile Motor:

A two speed motor, the Imperia Pasta Facile fits in place of the SP150’s beechwood handle, and streamlines your pasta making process - simply flip the switch on the motor and make your favorite pasta recipes with less time and effort!

Imperia Pasta Presto (RM270):


Really serious about your pasta making? Consider the Imperia Pasta Presto (RM270), Imperia’s sleek, electric pasta maker for those home-cooks that regularly find themselves making some big batches of fresh pasta. The Pasta Presto comes with 150mm rollers, a tagliattelle and fettuccine cutting attachment, an optional handle, and is compatible with the additional Imperia cutting attachments below (though, all additional cutting attachments are manual use only!).

The Cutting Attachments:


Capellini (Angel Hair): 1.5mm cutting attachment, square cut, flat edges.

Spaghetti: 2mm cutting attachment, round cut, flat edges. Makes a pasta shape similar to store-bought spaghetti noodles.


Tagliatelle: 2mm cutting attachment, square cut, flat edges. Comes as part of the standard set-up with the Imperia SP150 pasta maker.


Trenette: 4mm cutting attachment, square cut, flat edges.


Fettuccine: 6.5mm cutting attachment, square cut, flat edges. Comes as part of the standard set-up with the Imperia SP150 pasta maker.


Lasagnette: 12mm cutting attachment, square cut, flat edges.


Pappardelle: 32mm cutting attachment, square cut, flat edges.


Reginette: 12mm cutting attachment, ruffled/fluted edges.


Reginette: 44mm cutting attachment, ruffled/fluted edges.


Ravioli and Cavatelli Attachments:

Expand your pasta making repertoire with these handy and convenient Ravioli and Cavatelli/Gnocchi attachments for the Imperia SP150! Both the Ravioli and Cavatelli attachments are manual use only, and cannot be used in conjunction with the Pasta Facile motor.


Ravioli: An alternative to more-traditional ravioli stamps or ravioli trays, the Imperia Ravioli Maker attaches to the Imperia SP150 unit and streamlines the ravioli making process by simultaneously forming, stuffing and sealing raviolis.

Makes rows of 3 ravioli across, each ravioli is 30mm (1.2 inches) square.

Cavatelli: This wonderful attachment is a 3 for 1 deal, able to make Cavatelli, Gnocchi or Rigatelli - simply insert your strand of dough into the corresponding roller slot, turn the handle, and enjoy some of the easiest (and tastiest!) shaped pasta you’ll ever have.




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