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How to Use a Spiedini Barbecue and Chimney Starter-Consiglio's Kitchenware

How to Use a Spiedini Barbecue and Chimney Starter



 How to Use a Spiedini Barbecue and Chimney Starter

  • Set up the spiedini barbecue and chimney starter on a solid, level surface. As with any other barbecue or grill, be mindful of grilling safety, and take the necessary precautions (these barbecues get HOT!). Personally, I always like to have a fire extinguisher nearby before starting the barbecue, and will double check that I have all tools and supplies handy.

  • Place charcoal in chimney on top of the charcoal grate. With this chimney starter, you do not need to use “easy light” charcoal or starter fluid to get the coals hot and ready for grilling.

  • Gently crumple up a couple pieces of newspaper, and place under the charcoal grate.

  • Light the newspaper with either a long match or barbecue lighter. The newspaper will quickly catch fire - the chimney starter is designed to draw these flames upwards towards the charcoal.Once the top layer of charcoal starts to ash over, you’re ready to start cooking!

  • Using long metal tongs, or fire/heat resistant BBQ gloves, carefully slide the charcoal grate out of the chimney. This grate will be very hot - take care to set it on a heat-resistant surface out of the reach of children, pets, family members and friends. Once the grate is removed, the hot coals will fall down into the trough of the spiedini barbecue.

  • Using the metal hook that comes with the spiedini grill (or long metal tongs), arrange the hot coals along the trough - the more concentrated the coals, the hotter the grill will get.



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