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How to Make Portuguese Pepper Sauce with Fabio Leonardi

How to Make Portuguese Pepper Sauce with Fabio Leonardi

Fabio Leonardi Milling machines take the seeds and skins out of peppers to create a smooth and velvety sauce. Commonly used in Portuguese cuisine this sauce can be treated as a pasta sauce, used in marinades, rice dishes, potato dishes and to accompany barbecued meats.

For over a hundred years, Fabio Leonardi has manufactured the world’s best tomato milling and meat grinding machines. Using Italian stainless steel and niploy-treated cast iron, Fabio Leonardi uses only the very best, industry-leading components and materials.

Designed to last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation, Fabio Leonardi’s passion and quality are the epitomization of their centuries-old pursuit of culinary perfection. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience behind every product, Fabio Leonardi tomato milling machines and meat grinders perfectly embody the standard and value of “Made in Italy.”


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