Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is a traditional Italian espresso machine designed for production of espresso and cappuccino beverages. Gaggia Classic is built using decades of technology and expertise, designed and originating in Italy. Achieving creamy and delicious espresso with the high pressure 17.5 bar pump and high wattage of 1425w. Including a standard 58mm filter basket for espresso preparation and the heavy duty port filter insures you will feel like a true barista. 

The Gaggia Classic offers a 3 way solenoid valve allowing for quick pressure release from the group head each time a shot is pulled. This function allows the porta filter to be removed and the next shot to be pulled immediately. The porta filter built from heavy grade marine brass with chrome plating allows for second to none temperature stability. Pods and pre-ground espresso can be used for this unit

This is the North American Gaggia Classic Model - 14101 

How to pull a perfect shot with the Gaggia Classic?

With the Gaggia Classic you can pull a perfect shot using freshly ground espresso and adequate tamping pressure, or use the provided crema perfecta. The crema perfecta is a pressurized basket included with your purchase, this pressurizes the porta filter and removes the requirement for tamping or having a perfect grind consistency. Although we always recommend having a good burr grinder  the crema perfecta on the Gaggia Classic is a great way to quickly make espresso and coffee. 

Gaggia Classic Housing and Warming Tray

The Gaggia Classic espresso machine offers a premium brushed stainless steel housing. In addition to the steel housing the Gaggia Classic also offers a premium stainless steel warming tray at the top of the machine. Warning trays are used on larger commercial machines and designed to pre-heat your espresso cups as to not drop the temperature when pouring into a cold cup. 

Gaggia Classic VS. Rancilio Silvia

Learn all about these two models in our blog article.

The Gaggia Classic Boiler 

The Gaggia Classic espresso machine a very high quality boiler. It is made from highly conductive aluminum and includes two heating elements directly embedded into the exterior of the boiler. The Gaggia classic boiler provides even heat distribution and excellent temperature and stability for your beverages. The secret to Gaggia Classic boilers success is having the highest wattage in class coupled with a small 3.5 ounce boiler volume, this due produces excellent temperature. 

Consiglo's take on the Gaggia Classic

If you are in the market for a cost effective and European made espresso machine, the Gaggia classic will undoubtedly be top of list. High quality components, high wattage and premium beverage results all for around $500.00 make this a top seller loaded with features. It is completely possible using the correct grinder and espresso coffee (try our fresh roast espresso here) to get restaurant quality beverages with the Gaggia Classic espresso machine. Checkout the short video below for some additional details on this top selling semi automatic espresso machine.  

Gaggia Classic Specs: 

Model 14101 
Power supply 120V 60Hz 1425W 
Heating system Boiler Uni4514 
Water tank Removable 
Water tank capacity 2,1 lt. 
Water pump pressure 15 bar 
Sistema Crema perfetta Available 
Visible water level Yes 
Cappuccino accessory Pannarello 
3 Filters: 1 cup/1 pod/ 2 cups Yes 
Makes two cups simultaneously Yes 
Group and Filter holder Chromed brass 
Cup plate Yes 
Other Solenoid valve 
Accessories Measuring spoon, Tamper 
Dimensions cm. (LxHxD) 23x38x24 
Weight 8,0 kg 
Bodywork Stainless steel 
Made in Romania 
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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