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Gourmet ES Meat Slicer-Consiglio's Kitchenware

Gourmet ES Meat Slicer


Our all metal ES Meat Slicers are of the best quality and designed to last. Built from anodized aluminum with hardened steel blades and built in stone blade sharpeners! These Meat Slicers are ideal for home or light professional usage and are designed for Italian cured meats along with cold cuts or other lunch meats. Designed to be miniature versions of larger deli Meat Slicers our ES Meat Slicers will cut paper thin cuts unlike many other brands that offer only 2mm or above thickness cuts. Belt driven with a self lubricating carriage, these Meat Slicers are extremely quiet and  have endured our rigorous testing. For more information on these Meat Slicers visit our blog post


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