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Cast Iron Cookware

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  • Le Creuset - 23cm Panini Press
    $119.99 $155.00
  • Le Creuset - Dune Ultimate Cookware Set
    $1,099.99 $1,300.00
  • Le Creuset 2.1L Cherry Red Saucier
    $189.99 $275.00
  • Le Creuset 2.1L Flame Orange Saucier
    $189.99 $275.00
  • Le Creuset Flame 5 Piece Cookware Set
    $659.99 $1,000.00
  • Lodge - Essential Pan Set (6 pc.)
    $143.99 $159.99
  • Staub - 28cm Cherry Red Tagine
    $164.99 $225.00

Welcome to Canada's Largest Source for Premium Cast Iron Cookware Since 1975!

Whether it be the traditional, bare sand-cast cookware of Lodge Manufacturing, or the gorgeous enameled modernity of Le Creuset and Staub, Cast Iron Cookware is preceded by its reputation of quality and resilience. With a rich history of excellent heat-retention and amazing ability to withstand high-temperatures, Cast Iron Cookware is the benchmark of culinary arts and heritage.

Compatible with all stovetops, including induction, Cast Iron Cookware sears, braises, bakes, and roasts - its unrivaled versatility inspiring amateur cooks and professional culinary artists alike. Be it the dishwasher safe, colorful and modern enameled lines of Le Creuset and Staub, or the rugged aesthetic and resilient tradition cast iron of Lodge, Cast Iron Cookware is an essential part of any kitchen.